We need to stop stab­bings


THE re­cent spate of stab­bings in Lon­don has really sick­ened me.

It seems the knife prob­lem in this coun­try is worse than ever and I think it is about time some­thing was done about it.

The po­lice need to carry out more random searches and do more about the gang cul­ture that is tak­ing over our streets.

Even if peo­ple wit­ness stab­bings they are too scared to in­ter­vene which is so sad.

Peo­ple need to ring the po­lice if they see any­thing sus­pi­cious.

And I think the par­ents need to start re­port­ing their kids if they sus­pect they are in­volved with gangs or any­thing dodgy.

Some­thing needs to be done be­fore the prob­lem gets even worse.

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