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The only food served is a tiny bowl of corn meal with pris­on­ers re­sort­ing to catch­ing and eat­ing rats for meat.

It’s a diet that re­sults in around 2,000 deaths from star­va­tion each year.

And it’s not a good place to be ill be­cause you’ll find your­self ‘quar­an­tined’ – locked in a room and left to die. And then there’s the tor­ture.

The guards have a spe­cial spec­ta­tor area where they watch each other tor­ture pris­on­ers – one of the favourites is a glass tank of water in which the pris­oner can only breathe if he’s on his tip­toes.

That’s not to men­tion the pris­on­ers be­ing used by the mil­i­tary for test­ing of weapons and var­i­ous nerve gases.

And for the rest there’s the hard labour – which starts at 7am and lasts un­til 8pm.

Add all this up and you could say that life in Camp 22 isn’t ex­actly a box of choco­lates.

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