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Stylish, cool… and it sounds great TANKS for that!

Midweek Sport - - GADGET BOY -

TO be in with a chance of win­ning an amaz­ing Sonoro AV-Lance from our good friends over at OTONE Au­dio sim­ply an­swer the fol­low­ing ques­tion Desk Pets Tank Bot – £23.95 WHEN I first saw th­ese lit­tle fel­las my mind went wild with pos­si­bil­i­ties.

I had a grand vi­sion of hid­ing one on my col­league’s desk and then, when she was least ex­pect­ing it... Bam! Tank in the face!

So when it ar­rived I was rub­bing my hands with glee think­ing of the mis­chief I could get up to.

So I lay in wait for Jess (who has asked to be re­ferred to as the hottest booty in the of­fice) to be distracted for my plan to un­fold.

The time had come, I pressed the but­ton and it made a beep­ing noise and turned round in a cir­cle. Hmmm.

That said, when you’re not try­ing to plan mis­chief it is quite a fun toy.

It’s con­trolled by an app on your phone which means you will never lose its re­mote con­trol and there is some­thing awe­some about driv­ing a lit­tle tank about.

A de­cent lit­tle toy but not quite as good as it could be, es­pe­cially for over 20 quid.


Pro­file USB turntable – £59.99 – Maplin MY dad is al­ways harp­ing on about how much bet­ter vinyl sounds than the crap you get nowa­days and is al­ways try­ing to get me to lis­ten to his old records.

But they take up a lot of room and are nor­mally ban­ished to the loft.

So if you fancy dust­ing off Rick Ast­ley and tak­ing a trip down mem­ory lane then this is the prod­uct for you.

With the new USB Vinyl con­verter you can upload and store all your songs in an easy to ac­cess place called a com­puter – wow, tech­nol­ogy is amaz­ing!

There’s still a cer­tain nos­tal­gic qual­ity to the songs as they are cap­tured as they are, crackly bits and all.

And once they’re on the hard drive you will have ac­cess to your vast li­brary us­ing up only a frac­tion of liv­ing space.

It also works as a nor­mal player if you fancy it, mean­ing that if you ever do want a taste of the real thing it’s right there at your fin­ger­tips. Dr Who Sonic Re­mote – £59.99 YOU may not be a Time Lord but that doesn’t mean you have to stand up and change chan­nels like a mug.

Now you can ful­fil all of your fan­girl dreams from the com­fort of your sofa as you point this re­mote at the TV and pre­tend you’re a time trav­eller.

It’s easy to use, looks awe­some and works like a dream. But it bloody well should do for 60 quid!!

As good a prod­uct as it is you are def­i­nitely pay­ing a pre­mium for the at­tached name but isn’t that why you wanted it in the first place?

It makes a great gift for ev­ery Who­vian out there who loves to change chan­nel.

How­ever it will not work on Daleks – don’t even try.





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