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Dear Peach,

I AM a ma­ture stu­dent aged 28 and I have been go­ing out with my girl­friend for al­most six months.

We met at the Stu­dent Union – I couldn’t be­lieve my luck when she said she was into me. She’s a crack­ing 20-year-old with an amaz­ing body and an un­be­liev­able sex drive.

All my mates reckon I am punch­ing well above my weight and they can’t be­lieve what we get up to.

A cou­ple of weeks ago I bor­rowed a mate’s cam­corder, in­tend­ing to film some horny ac­tion.

But my girl made me prom­ise her that I would not show it to any­one else.

I know it sounds corny, but I thought that she’d look good togged up like a sec­re­tary.

She put her hair up in a bun, put on glasses and wore a white shirt and a tight mini-skirt stock­ings and sussies.

She looked a pic­ture and my knob was ris­ing even as I set up the cam­era.

As the ac­tion un­folded I got her to drop a sheaf of pa­pers on the floor which gave me a great shot of her panty­less fanny. I zoomed in on the tasty slit that I planned to plug later.

As the cam­era rolled, she fol­lowed my di­rec­tions, let­ting her hair loose from the bun and re­mov­ing her glasses.



She pouted her red lips as she lifted the hem of her tiny skirt and be­gan teas­ing her clit.

Then she eased first one, then two and three of her fin­gers into her moist crack and started fin­ger-f***ing in front of me.

I got the cam­era set up on a tri­pod and joined the ac­tion.

I bent her over the ta­ble and eased my cock be­tween her sop­ping pussy lips and started gen­tly plung­ing in and out. I man­aged to keep un­der con­trol as she repo­si­tioned her­self on top of me af­ter we slid to the floor.

She ground her­self down on my knob, wail­ing in or­gasm as I came in a thrilling rush.

Later, as we watched the vid she wanked me off as a “thank you”. We could not have been hap­pier.

But it’s all gone wrong now as I re­turned the cam­era with a flat bat­tery and for­got to erase the vid first.

My mate’s al­ready watched it and told the lads about it and now he says he’s posted it up on the In­ter­net so it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore my girl­friend finds out. What can I do?

TG, Birm­ing­ham

Peach says...

MY new bloke has got a huge knob. I thought I’d seen big ones be­fore, but this is at least nine inches, if not longer.

I guess it de­pends where you mea­sure it from.

So far, we’ve only had sex in the mis­sion­ary po­si­tion as I’m ter­ri­fied of the dam­age he could do to me.

He’s started to say I’m not ad­ven­tur­ous enough in the bed­room be­cause I won’t let him shag me in deep pen­e­tra­tion po­si­tions.

He says he wants to shag me doggy-style, then me climb on top of his mas­sive cock so he can see it go­ing in and out.

I don’t want to lose him be­cause he’s gor­geous, but I don’t want to suf­fer in­ter­nal in­juries ei­ther.

WM, Kent

Guys love EASY – just tell him your fears.

. Then he’ll be­ing told they have a big willy take it slow for you. And you know where you can

stick this!

I’m still not hav­ing that quiche, mind.

Not af­ter the ruddy day I’ve had. You’ll have to do

bet­ter than that

I’ve made us a lovely cheese

and tomato quiche, dar­ling JEEZ! WHAT A


Fine, fine… I’ll nip over the road to the chippy

in a bit, luv

A quiche? PAH! Well you know where you can stick that…

It’s Mon­day though – they’re

bloody shut!

Hi babe! Work was hell… (SMOOOOCH) What’s for tea?

I’m starv­ing! I’VE al­ways thought that a good house­wife should be a gourmet chef in the kitchen and a pros­ti­tute in the bed­room – but your mis­sus sounds like a right goer in both! Surely that’s enough rea­son to put up with the odd quiche?

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