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A QUAR­TET of siz­zling glam­our babes have rub­bished claims that Bri­tish blokes are crap in bed com­pared to for­eign­ers.

The re­sults of a new Euro­pean sex sur­vey have re­vealed that folk in Blighty are ei­ther too mod­est, or use­less, at nookie.

When asked to rate their own per­for­mance in the sack on a scale of one to five, the UK came bot­tom of the 12-coun­try ta­ble with a dis­ap­point­ing aver­age 3.3 score.

Brits brought up the rear again af­ter peo­ple were asked to score the cur­rent qual­ity of their sex lives. But our sex mad top­less mod­els reckon it’s b***ocks be­cause Bri­tish men are RED HOT be­tween the sheets.

Blonde beauty Emma Bradley, 24, a 34F stunna from Glouces­ter, said: “In my ex­pe­ri­ence, Bri­tish men take the time to get to know you and ask what you like rather than div­ing straight in. It’s a turnon when men don’t just try for sex. Other na­tion­al­i­ties tend to be more pushy – maybe it’s a cul­tural thing.

“I have sex ev­ery day and have never had cause to com­plain. My man is 100 per cent Bri­tish and I wouldn’t swap him for the world!”

Busty 32DD Michelle De Feo, 21, from Colch­ester, Es­sex, added: “Bri­tish men are good in bed. From what I’ve seen, they re­ally know what they’re do­ing.

“Most of them are good look­ing and also filthy, which is def­i­nitely a good thing! And I don’t know what it is, but they love a bit of bit­ing. Bri­tish blokes just know how to get a woman want­ing more.”

As part of the sur­vey, YouGov asked more than 14,000 peo­ple about their shag­ging an­tics. It showed Brits to be kinky com­pared to other coun­tries, with the UK rank­ing near the top when it comes to dress­ing up, role­play, film­ing them­selves and hav­ing off out­doors.

Welsh lass Emma Green, 25, who boasts 32D boobs, said: “What a load of rub­bish this sur­vey is! Who have they asked? Cer­tainly not me!

“In my ex­pe­ri­ence, Bri­tish blokes have lots of stamina in bed and are very gen­er­ous lovers. They like to spend a lot of time on fore­play, which is great, and al­ways put in max­i­mum ef­fort to please me, which I love!

“I’m quite ad­ven­tur­ous in bed and Bri­tish fel­las also like to ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent po­si­tions.”

The Swiss and Dutch both rated them­selves as great lovers, while only Den­mark and Aus­tria have more pub­lic sex than the Brits, and the Finns are the kinkiest.

Sarah B, 25, a 32D brunette from Brighton, said: “I think this is just down to us Brits be­ing too mod­est and a bit eco­nom­i­cal with the truth.

“If peo­ple had told the truth, we’d be top of the league, no doubt! I’ve found that most Bri­tish blokes are very well hung com­pared to for­eign lads. You can’t beat a bit of Brit beef!”

Sarah B Age 21, 32D, From Brighton Brit blokes are very well hung com­pared to for­eign fel­las! Michelle De Feo Age 20, 32DD, From Colch­ester Most Brit men are good look­ing and filthy, which is good!

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