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THUMBS down to the brutish Charles Saatchi this week.

I’m glad to see that Nigella Law­son and him are get­ting di­vorced.

But I was shocked to see that it is ac­tu­ally HIM di­vorc­ing HER.

Ap­par­ently she is dev­as­tated that it is over, but I re­ally think he has done her a favour.

He says he is up­set that she hasn’t come out and de­fended him. Ha! I think that just sums the whole thing up.

He also said that they’ve been hav­ing prob­lems for a year so they’ve def­i­nitely done the right thing in di­vorc­ing.

Their mar­riage was clearly not work­ing and wasn’t mak­ing ei­ther of them happy.

No-one re­ally knows what goes on be­hind closed doors but those pic­tures of him with his hands on her throat were shock­ing.

It’s time they both drew a line un­der ev­ery­thing that has hap­pened and moved on.

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