MPs are bot­tling war against im­mi­gra­tion


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I THINK we can all agree that there is a gen­eral feel­ing im­mi­gra­tion is out of con­trol in this coun­try.

It seems as if the politi­cians at West­min­ster have lost the nerve or the willpower to do some­thing about it.

Peo­ple like Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and most of the Es­tab­lish­ment are not af­fected by un­con­trolled im­mi­gra­tion.

The peo­ple who ARE af­fected tend to be those in in­ner-cities. Th­ese peo­ple have had their com­mu­ni­ties turned up­side down with­out ever be­ing asked whether it is what they wanted.

It is the young peo­ple who can’t find work – the brick­lay­ers who have been laid off or the plumbers earn­ing only half a wage be­cause they can’t work for the same rates as those from Eastern Europe.

Over the past cou­ple of weeks a num­ber of shock­ing re­ports have shown just how un­con­trolled im­mi­gra­tion has be­come in Bri­tain.

The Of­fice of National Statis­tics (ONS) last week stated that the amount of im­mi­gra­tion from the Euro­pean Union, which in­cludes Poland, Slo­vakia and Czech Repub­lic, has been un­der­es­ti­mated by 500,000.

Think about it – that is half a mil­lion peo­ple. It is a city the size of Liver­pool.

How on Earth can you miss a city the size of Liver­pool?

This means that over­all im­mi­gra­tion into Bri­tain dur­ing the early years of the 21st cen­tury has been around 4mil­lion – or a coun­try the size of Ire­land.


We have never be­fore en­coun­tered such num­bers of peo­ple com­ing to our shores.

This has un­doubt­edly caused chaos, as an­other re­port by the Home Af­fairs Se­lect Com­mit­tee proves.

It has come to light over the week­end that our chaotic bor­der con­trols have cre­ated a back­log of 500,000 that will – at the cur­rent rate – take 37 years to clear.

To put that in per­spec­tive, it is like fill­ing Wem­b­ley Sta­dium six times over with peo­ple who are liv­ing here in­def­i­nitely.

I must stress, it’s not the fault of the would-be im­mi­grants – it’s the fault of our politi­cians who couldn’t or­gan­ise a piss-up in a brew­ery.

It’s just not good enough. A Home Of­fice re­port a few weeks ago con­firmed what UKIP has be­ing say­ing for years: that un­con­trolled mass im­mi­gra­tion is hav­ing a detri­men­tal ef­fect on our com­mu­ni­ties.

The re­port con­firms that half of Bri­tons are now liv­ing un­der the strain of mass im­mi­gra­tion, which is im­pact­ing on health ser­vices, schools, trans­port and hous­ing.

We need to re­gain con­trol of our own bor­ders. We gave away the abil­ity to con­trol Euro­pean im­mi­gra­tion to the EU in 2004 – we must take it back.

We should also be a bit more like the Aussies who have a points sys­tem which al­lows those with the skills needed to come and work on a visa.

Such moves would re­quire the back­bone to face down the right-on, pro-mass im­mi­gra­tion, po­lit­i­cally cor­rect lobby who scream ‘racist’ at any­one who tries to change things.

I don’t think the politi­cians at West­min­ster have the bot­tle for the fight.

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