Hard­core sex se­crets of mad­man’s un­der­ground dun­geons

Midweek Sport - - SPORT - By JUSTIN DUNN

HATED dic­ta­tor Colonel Gaddafi – who kept a harem of schoolgirl sex slaves – also used to get his thrills from GAY PORN.

That was one of the eye­pop­ping dis­cov­er­ies made af­ter the mad­man fled his £50mil­lion palace in the Libyan cap­i­tal Tripoli.

In Sun­day Sport we told the story of Soraya – a girl snatched from home by Gaddafi’s tough Ama­zo­nian hench­women when she was just 15.

She had her pub­lic area shaved and was forced to dress in skimpy lin­gerie – af­ter which Gaddafi would rape and sodomise her at will.

Soraya was only dis­cov­ered FIVE YEARS later in 2011 when Libyans fi­nally rose up against the psy­chopath who had ruled over them with an iron fist for 42 years.

While Gaddafi was on the run, rebels stormed his palace com­pound and were amazed at what they found.

Be­neath the main build­ing, ac­cessed through huge wrought iron gates that had to be torn down by bull­dozer, was a cat­a­comb of hid­den cor­ri­dors and cel­lars.

In each of the win­dow­less, hu­mid cells were three or four young women – each of them in leg chains man­a­cled to the floor.

This was Gaddafi’s se­cret harem – his per­sonal live col­lec­tion of fe­males to be se­lected and used as an when the urge took him.

He would or­der his women guards down to the cel­lars at least four times a day to bring him up a woman.


Af­ter bru­tally rap­ing them while high on drink and drugs, many would suf­fer hor­rific in­juries that would nor­mally re­quire hos­pi­tal treat­ment.

Gaddafi’s girls got no such thing. Af­ter his first rape of Soraya, three days af­ter she ar­rived, she bled for 36 hours.

That hor­rific dis­cov­ery was not the only thing the rebels found be­neath the dic­ta­tor’s palace.

Like de­posed Iraqi leader Sad­dam Hus­sein, power crazed Gaddafi had an ob­ses­sion with gold.

When the rebels stormed his com­pound, they found a whole cache of weapons and some in his per­sonal stash that had been dipped in liq­uid gold.

One hand­gun was en­crusted with jewels with his name carved into the han­dle.

He also had a huge in­door un­der­ground pool and a fully stocked and staffed pri­vate zoo for his chil­dren that only they could visit.

His son Saadi kept nine LIONS as pets in his pri­vate an­i­mal sanc­tu­ary and vis­ited them ev­ery day with a squad of armed guards.

Gaddafi seemed to have an ob­ses­sion in ei­ther the lat­est Prince of Per­sia movie star­ring Jake Gyl­len­haal or the ac­tor him­self.

That was ev­i­denced by the very large movie poster plas­tered on the wall of one of his grand halls.

Then there was his pri­vate Michael Jack­son-style Nev­er­land – his own pri­vate amuse­ment park with con­ces­sions, games and even rides like a sky-swinger and a teacup ride that looked like they were straight out of some mini-Dis­ney World.

The thought that Gaddafi was hav­ing a grand old time on a carousel in the mid­dle of a war-torn na­tion where peo­ple suf­fered daily made the in­vaders more furious than they al­ready were.

Gaddafi’s troops had worked hard to stamp out any form of re­sis­tance or in­di­vid­u­al­ity that wasn’t in line with his own.

So when the rebels broke into one of his pri­vate of­fices, they were to make yet an­other star­tling dis­cov­ery – a hard­core gay DVD called Boyz Tracks hid­den un­der a stack of cat­a­logues for ex­pen­sive cars and yachts.

An­other gaudy pos­ses­sion that also pro­duced one of the most recog­nised im­ages in the wake of Gaddafi’s top­pling was the spe­cially made golden couch that Gaddafi com­mis­sioned for his only daugh­ter Aye­sha.

The pure gold couch was made into a mer­maid and fea­tured her strik­ing like­ness.

Then the rebels found a book con­tain­ing hun­dreds of pic­tures of for­mer United States Sec­re­tary of State Con­doleezza Rice in one of his of­fices.


The two met dur­ing one of Rice’s many over­seas trips with for­eign min­is­ters and heads of state and Gaddafi seemed to take a shine to her af­ter a visit in 2007.

At the time he had told the Ara­bic TV sta­tion Al Jazeera: “Leezza, Leezza, Leezza, I love her very much” and called her his “dar­ling black African woman”.

The rebels even found his famed golden golf cart smashed into a wall.

But it was the net­work of tun­nels, cel­lars and bunkers – and the en­slaved young women in­side them – that chilled them the most.

The long se­ries of wind­ing tun­nels and bunkers went nearly 40 feet un­derneath his com­pound.

Eye­wit­nesses re­ported the se­cret rooms and hall­ways as a creepy, deathly silent cor­ri­dor of des­o­la­tion and de­spair.

Rooms were filled with used cam­era equip­ment and video­tapes in­di­cat­ing the lo­ca­tion where Gaddafi would record his threat­en­ing ad­dresses to his peo­ple be­fore he fled.

Prior to that he had used the same equip­ment to record him­self abus­ing mem­bers of his shack­led harem.

In the wake of the rev­o­lu­tion, nu­mer­ous Libyan men and women also shared their sto­ries of ab­duc­tions, rapes, tor­ture, and mur­der.

Four months be­fore his death, the In­ter­na­tional Crim­i­nal Court had is­sued a war­rant for Gad­difi, yet could find no vic­tims will­ing to tes­tify to rape.

Gad­difi was on the run for just two months be­fore he was dis­cov­ered in his home town of Sirte.

The feared colonel, the psy­chotic tyrant, was dragged scream­ing from his storm drain hid­ing place – and ex­e­cuted in the street.

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