At last, TV doesn’t make a hash of drugs

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THE first in the new se­ries of on E4 was the best – and fun­ni­est – anti-drugs mes­sage ever shown on telly. Be­cause this showed the real rea­son not to do drugs.

It’s got bug­ger all to do with crime or health risks or ‘costs to so­ci­ety’ – it’s be­cause drugs make you act like a to­tal dick­head.

We saw this af­ter the em­ploy­ees of the High Street store accidentally gob­bled down a load of ‘dou­ble strength’ Ganja cakes.

We then watched them show the full range of wanky drugged up be­hav­iour.

It was all here. The bor­ing bloke, Christopher, was trans­formed into a kind of Danny Dyer style mon­ster, swag­ger­ing around and call­ing ev­ery­one a ‘shit­house’.

Two of the other blokes be­came in­cred­i­bly emo­tional – about ev­ery­thing – and started to write soul mu­sic. Janine, mean­while, was busy telling peo­ple that the drugs weren’t af­fect­ing her, while man­i­cally draw­ing pic­tures of evil-look­ing crows in her note­book.

Christopher did a run­ner and was hauled back in by a cop­per who had found him tak­ing a dump in the en­trance to KFC.

As Janine ob­served: “seem so glamorous.”

Just say no, kids.

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