Some­thing you’re not telling us, Si­mon?

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THE whole Si­mon Cow­ell love child story has made me smell a rat. I know it is a pretty ex­plo­sive story but there is just some­thing about it that doesn’t ring true.

She is a very pretty girl and I can to­tally see what he saw in her, but there is some­thing about it that seems odd to me.

The first thing is that she has known him for ages and was pic­tured all over him on a yacht.

Now, she is a mar­ried woman – and ap­par­ently her hus­band knew about it. Well that just doesn’t sound be­liev­able to me.

What man would let his wife lie with an­other man stroking his hair? It just wouldn’t hap­pen.

Cow­ell has ap­par­ently said that she set him up, but I think that’s bull­shit.

He has been around long enough to know when some­one is set­ting him up – I just can’t see that he would have fallen for it.


Also he is a very, very pow­er­ful man – he is worth mil­lions and he has a supremely strong le­gal team be­hind him. If he re­ally wanted to keep this quiet then I be­lieve that he could have kept it out of the pa­pers.

I have a gut feel­ing that there is more to this than meets the eye. I think there was an­other story that was go­ing to break and now this one has con­ve­niently been used to blow it out of the wa­ter.

Over the years I have met peo­ple who know Cow­ell – peo­ple who are part of his in­ner cir­cle – and I just think there is some­thing fishy about this.

I have al­ways thought it is re­ally weird the way all his exes hang around him. No-one is that friendly with all their ex part­ners.

It doesn’t add up. I pre­dict that more will come out about this so watch this space.

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