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LT, Lan­cashire I HAVE been go­ing out with my boyfriend for 12 months, but I have just slept with an­other woman.

Me and my bloke were in this club last week and he stormed out af­ter we had a huge bust-up.

I’m 5ft 6in with long brown hair and size 32D boobs. The bar­maid had seen and heard the ar­gu­ment and said her shift was al­most over and asked me to join her for a drink.

We got re­ally quite pissed to­gether and then stag­gered off down the road arm-in­arm.

She was taller than me with great breasts and in­sisted on tak­ing me back to her place.

Once we got there we fell on to her couch and be­gan to snog and fon­dle each other.

Her lips felt so soft as she ex­plored my mouth with her tongue. Then she be­gan to rub my pussy and slipped two fin­gers up and sent me into a furious or­gasm.

Next we got in the 69 po­si­tion and brought each other off.

Now I’d like to try a three­some with my fella, but I’m afraid to bring the idea up in case he thinks I’m cheat­ing on him.

Any ideas?

KD, Co Antrim

I VISIT a com­pany their com­puter reg­u­larly to

help with The firm is sys­tems.

run by a hus­band- When I ar­rived

last week it and-wife team. was wear­ing was

a skimpy low- the wife When hot and

she bent over cut top. round tits and

I couldn’t fail She pert nip­ples. to no­tice her

smiled, stuck nice en­cour­aged my hand down she me to mas­sage her bra

stroked the her tits. At and She grow­ing the same was wear­ing bulge in my time

a long skirt trousers. I put my hand with

up and in­serted the and worked a slit up away un­til two fin­gers

back. in her fanny She then said she cli­maxed. slid off her to watch

she wanted one knick­ers and me wank, off. Any­one spread her so she

could have legs while I I have to go walked in beat af­ford back in a cou­ple at any mo­ment. to lose the con­tract

of weeks and hubby finds – which can’t

out. I will if the What should

I do?

PS, South Wales

No. You’ve just got a very

large sex­ual ap­petite!

I think you might find he’s well up for it. YOU’LL have to pro­gramme

her to be more care­ful.

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