Span­ish us­ing the Rock to bury £40m scan­dal

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I VIS­ITED Gi­bral­tar last week to see what is ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing on the Rock with my own eyes.

The Span­ish po­lice – Guardia Civil – are do­ing car checks at the bor­der, which is cre­at­ing huge queues.

This is caus­ing mas­sive delays and in some cases peo­ple are be­ing forced to wait in their cars for up to EIGHT hours, dur­ing the cur­rent heat­wave.

The peo­ple I spoke to there were very an­gry. One ve­hi­cle had an over­heat­ing two month old baby who was crying.

It’s wrong and in­hu­mane and it’s il­le­gal un­der EU law.

The EU has warned Spain and told them they will be com­ing down to in­spect the bor­der.

But they’ve told the Span­ish the date and time they’re com­ing. Which is like cops telling a drug dealer the day they are go­ing to raid his house.

The Gi­bral­tar prob­lem kicked off be­cause the Span­ish claim Gi­bral­tar is theirs.

It was claimed by the Bri­tish fol­low­ing the Span­ish War of Suc­ces­sion and the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) states the Rock should re­main Bri­tish “for­ever”.

The peo­ple of Gi­bral­tar also des­per­ately want to re­main Bri­tish. Two ref­er­en­dums on the mat­ter show 99 per cent want to be Bri­tish not Span­ish.

The Span­ish are bla­tantly ig­nor­ing democ­racy.

There is, how­ever, a rather com­pli­cated and un­der­ly­ing story which ex­plains why the Span­ish are rat­tling the sabre.


There’s a huge cor­rup­tion scan­dal in Madrid which in­volves their Prime Min­is­ter.

The for­mer Trea­surer of the rul­ing party was found to have more than £40 mil­lion stashed away in a Swiss bank ac­count.

The Span­ish govern­ment is try­ing to di­vert peo­ple’s at­ten­tion away from the cor­rup­tion scan­dal and on to Gi­bral­tar.

They are try­ing to use the Rock as a uni­fy­ing is­sue be­cause Spain is a pretty di­vided na­tion at the mo­ment. Spain has some­thing like 20% un­em­ploy­ment with 60% youth un­em­ploy­ment – the high­est in Europe.

Many of the ed­u­cated and qual­i­fied young peo­ple are leav­ing and head­ing to Ger­many and even in some cases, South Amer­ica.

Spain is also trapped in­side a cur­rency – the Euro – which does not suit its econ­omy, so they are go­ing nowhere fast.

Many in the coun­try are turn­ing their backs on the tra­di­tional po­lit­i­cal par­ties and look­ing to­wards the far left and far right.

Spain is a bro­ken so­ci­ety and the des­per­ate govern­ment is hop­ing that bul­ly­ing Gi­bral­tar will help fix it. The truth is it won’t. We need to get tough with Spain. We need to tell them that Gi­bral­tar is Bri­tish and will al­ways be Bri­tish.

David Cameron needs go to Gi­bral­tar him­self to wit­ness what I saw and he should tell the Gi­bral­tar­ian govern­ment that Lon­don will no longer al­low Madrid to push it about.

We should also give Gi­bral­tar its own MP.

And if the Span­ish don’t want to play ball we should just stop hand­ing over our cash to them via the EU to prop up their fail­ing econ­omy.

Money talks. We should use it.

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