The drivel’s in the THUMBS DOWN! de­tail for me, Katie!

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I HAVE never made any se­cret of the fact that I can’t stand Katie Price.

But surely ev­ery­one else in Bri­tain is get­ting pretty fed up of her now too?

I couldn’t be­lieve it when I opened the news­pa­pers at the week­end and saw that she has had a scare over her un­born baby.

That story has sup­pos­edly been leaked by a “source”.

Now, call me cyn­i­cal, but I don’t be­lieve that for one minute.


Ob­vi­ously, I re­ally hope that both Katie and her un­born child are OK.

I feel for any mums who go through pre-birth night­mares.

But I can’t help feel­ing that the story it­self has been strate­gi­cally placed in the pa­pers by Katie her­self – to drum up more pub­lic­ity.

And the whole thing leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.

There was just too much de­tail in the ar­ti­cle for my lik­ing – de­scrib­ing the lights in the hos­pi­tal and the ex­act words she was shout­ing. I got sus­pi­cious straight away. And Katie was some­where in Europe at the time of the scare, where they strug­gled to find an English-speak­ing doc­tor to help her.

Well, I’m sorry but if they barely spoke English then how on earth did they know who she was? She’s not that bloody fa­mous!

I hope ev­ery­thing turns out OK for Katie, I re­ally do. But I still found the story so cringe­wor­thy.

If it was me in that sit­u­a­tion, I would make sure ev­ery­thing was right be­fore talk­ing to any ‘sources’ about it.

If it was me, and I was wor­ried about my un­born baby, then I would be at home rest­ing with my feet up – not pos­ing for pic­tures!

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