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EV­ERY­ONE has a favourite mug – but some bas­tards will al­ways try to steal it.

But with the Plug Mug those days are gone, as it can only be used when you plug the gap.

Take the de­tach­able plug around with you and any­body who does try to steal your drink­ing ves­sel will look a real MUG when they spill tea all over the ta­ble. POW­ERED by two AAA bat­ter­ies, this por­ta­ble mini shaver al­lows you to stay on top of that stub­ble no mat­ter where you are.

Whether it’s a hair-free boy­ish look or main­tain­ing a beasty beard, you never know when you need to do a bit of man­scap­ing. BANG & OLUFSEN BE­OLIT 12 SPEAKER – £599 IT may cost an arm and a leg but you get plenty of BANG for your buck.

Sh*t puns aside, this speaker will blast out Westlife like a beast.

It’s a 2.1 stereo sys­tem which of­fers fan­tas­tic sound qual­ity from its two 2” tweet­ers and its 4” woofer.

To put that in a sim­pler way, it’s f***ing loud and f***ing clear.

No mat­ter how loud you seem to have it the 120 watt speaker never sac­ri­fices sound qual­ity and the bass is deep and rich with no dis­tor­tion at all.


That’s a big sur­prise com­ing from a box that’s only 18.8 cen­time­tres tall and 23 cen­time­tres long.

De­spite its lack of size, this thing weighs in at 2.8kg and feels re­as­sur­ingly sturdy when you pick it up.

With a stan­dard 3.5mm jack it will plug in to most de­vices – in­clud­ing MP3 play­ers and phones – quickly and eas­ily, so there’s no need to stop the party.

And if you’re not a big fan of wires, then you can use Ap­ple Air­play to sync mu­sic across to it wire­lessly.

It will take a good half-hour to set this up for the first time, but once con­nected it re­mem­bers your de­vice and pairs al­most in­stantly when you press the Wi-Fi but­ton on top.

Air­play does only work with Ap­ple prod­ucts, though, so if you’re only buy­ing it be­cause you think wires are the work of the devil make sure you have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac.

But if you do have any other branded prod­ucts don’t worry, be­cause plug­ging it in re­ally isn’t the end of the world.

It’s in­cred­i­bly por­ta­ble with a handy carry strap

– and with a solid eight hours’ play time there’s plenty of op­por­tu­nity to get through the en­tire Westlife discog­ra­phy be­fore it de­cides to pack in.

Just plug it back into the mains when you get back home and the bat­tery will fully charge in six hours.

It comes in four dif­fer­ent colours, de­pend­ing on what suits your home the best, and it looks in­cred­i­ble be­fore it’s even turned on.

With its class D am­pli­fier built in, this speaker of­fers some of the best sound qual­ity on the mar­ket at the mo­ment, even if it does come in at the up­per end of the price scale. AIR SWIM­MERS RE­MOTE CON­TROLLED SHARK – £12.99 – HOLY sh*t, it’s a shark­nado!!! Oh wait, it’s just a shark bal­loon.

Scare the liv­ing poop out of your pals with this re­mote con­trolled fly­ing shark. Choose your prey and at­tack.

Us­ing the in­fra-red con­troller you can make it climb or de­scend, as well as mov­ing to the nor­mal left and right.

And with a range of 40 feet you can even hide in a sep­a­rate room as you lay your elab­o­rate trap.

It’s 36 inches tall and 57 inches long, which makes it big enough to give some­one a sub­stan­tial fright, but even just as a toy it’s fun to fly and re­spon­sive to the touch.

You have to buy the he­lium your­self, but with a 50% off voucher in­cluded in the pur­chase it shouldn’t cost too much.

Bat­ter­ies also aren’t in­cluded and in to­tal you will need seven AA bat­ter­ies to get the thing fully func­tional.

You can even have a lot of fun singing the Jaws theme as you ap­proach peo­ple from be­hind.


PLUG MUG – £8.99


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