Midweek Sport - - CLASSIFIED -

1. WHAT did Ukip MEP God­frey Bloom com­pare Deputy Prime Min­is­ter Nick Clegg (right) to? Win­dows mo­bile phones? 5. HOW did Chris Foun­tain (right) irk his Coro­na­tion Street bosses? 6. WHERE did a ferry sink at the week­end killing 31 peo­ple? 8. WHAT’S been dis­cov­ered in a field in Dorset? 9. SAURO­POD di­nosaurs (be­low) are thought to have stiff what? 10. WHAT’S been found liv­ing in the cloud forests of Colom­bia and Ecuador?

1997 YEAR: THE GUESS B 10. D 9. D 8. C 7. B 6. D 5. C 4. D 3. D 2. B 1. AN­SWERS:

a) Knit­ted smi­ley face cov­ers b) Lolz cats c) YouTube d) Some ee cards a) Ap­pear­ing in EastEn­ders b) Re­fus­ing screen snogs with Michelle Kee­gan c) Im­per­son­at­ing Nor­ris d) An on­line of­fen­sive rap c) Area 51 d) Irony a) Old Twix wrap­pers b) Doggers c) Crisp pack­ets d) Iron Age set­tle­ment

a) Wil­lies b) Legs c) Tongues d) Necks

a) A brass band b) A bout of piles c) A car engine d) The Pre­mier League a) Come in, the wa­ter’s lovely b) Get orf my land c) One lump or two? d) Frack off! a) Mex­ico b) Phillip­ines c) Gi­bral­tar d) Arizona a) Fairies b) Aliens

a) Lord Lu­can b) The olin­guito car­ni­vore c) Ca­noe man John Dar­win d) Sher­gar

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