She wants me to wear her panties


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Dear An­nie,

I FIND my­self in a right old dilemma be­cause I’ve been shag­ging my neigh­bour’s wife.

Bizarrely, she loves me to f*** her while I’m wear­ing her bra and knick­ers – which ac­tu­ally I get quite a bit of a kick out of as well.

The prob­lem arose af­ter her hubby in­vited me and my wife round for drinks a few weeks ago.

Af­ter we had been chat­ting a while he put a video on. To my hor­ror it was me and his mis­sus get­ting down to it in their bed­room a cou­ple of days ear­lier.

He must have been hid­ing in the wardrobe to film me bang­ing his wife while dressed in her lin­gerie.

As you can imag­ine, I wanted the floor to open up and swal­low me.

But I got a big­ger sur­prise when I glanced sheep­ishly over at my wife.

She didn’t seem at all shocked – even as she saw her neigh­bour insert­ing a small vi­bra­tor up my arse while I screwed her.

I felt sure she’d kick off big-style but in­stead she wanted to know why she’d not been in­vited to take part in our sex games.

To say it was a re­lief would be an un­der­state­ment and it was an even big­ger one to re­alise that the hubby didn’t want to kick my brains out for do­ing his wife.

And it opened the con­ver­sa­tion up in a whole new way as he poured us an­other round of drinks.

We all got pissed and the up­shot was that we de­cided to in­dulge in some swap­ping.

I was a bit miffed that my wife didn’t need en­cour­age­ment and was soon stripped to her briefs through which you could see her damp and shaven crack.

Be­fore I knew it, both my neigh­bours were on her with the woman lick­ing out my mis­sus as she sucked on the bloke’s fat cock.

When he’d shot his hot jizz over her face I got my dick in her gob and she sucked me off too, while the neigh­bour’s wife licked my balls and bum­hole. As this was go­ing on the neigh­bour was bang­ing away at my mis­sus.

Af­ter the first round, as it were, they told me to dress up in my wife’s undies and get it on with the wife, just like on the video.

My neigh­bour be­gan film­ing my wife, who was thrust­ing a vi­bra­tor up her juicy love-hole. I shot my load over the neigh­bour’s tits and my wife licked it up.

It was a great night out and we’re plan­ning to do it again. But my wife now wants me to wear lin­gerie un­der my or­di­nary clothes.

I’ve re­fused be­cause it seems like she wants to take what I thought a harm­less fetish a bit too far. But she reck­ons I’m be­ing un­rea­son­able. What do you say?

MJ, South-East Lon­don

An­nie says…

THERE are all sorts of po­ten­tial pit­falls when mar­ried cou­ples turn to the swing­ing scene, but your dilemma is not a com­mon one. Your wife might be go­ing a bit to fast for com­fort. MY boyfriend likes to watch me hav­ing sex with other men. At first I was a bit shocked but the fact is that I don’t re­ally mind all that much be­cause I love cock.

Just last week he watched as I shagged two con­struc­tion work­ers I’d pulled at our lo­cal pub af­ter he’d egged me on.

We ex­plained the sit­u­a­tion to them and they didn’t seem to mind as my fella tossed him­self off as they stripped me in our bed­room.

They were both quite mus­cly and very well built down­stairs, so I soon had their swollen lengths in my mouth.

I sucked them off to com­ple­tion, then wanked them back to full strength be­fore I rode one and the other did me in the arse. At that point my fella then put his cock in my mouth and shot his load.

It’s all very en­joy­able but I worry that my man doesn’t love me, if he al­lows me to have other men. What do you think?

LT, Lan­cashire HE may love you, but just en­joys watch­ing you have

then you don’t sex. If you’re happy with the sit­u­a­tion, have to worry. Enough of this wine malarkey, Dave. I fancy a nice STIFF ONE – if you know what I



CORK THAT! (MAS­SIVE SIGH) Oh well… may as well en­joy the free




Thanks for com­ing round for my wine tast­ing evening So­nia! I do love wine,


I sure do! I’ve got a forty year old malt in the cel­lar with our

name on it! Care­full So­nia – you don’t want to get wet! Do you? OOOOOOOH! NNNNNNNNG! This has been bot­tled up for a while!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ah­h­h­h­hhh! Sorry, I’ve been a bit slow on the

up­take! I love wine and whisky… gin… vodka… you name it – I’ll down it (hic!) First thing in the morn­ing – that’s when I like it. F*** are you look­ing at?!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

come and think your­self lucky JUST take things as they

de­mand. you’re get­ting oral and anal on

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