What the #@*! is TAT, Ch­eryl?

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I AM still to­tally gob­s­macked about Ch­eryl Cole’s new tat­too – it is one of the most hideous things I’ve ever seen!

It is ab­so­lutely hor­rific and I can’t be­lieve she has done that to her­self.

I mean, what the hell was she think­ing get­ting that done?

It’s not even a nice pat­tern – it’s f***ing shit. And other peo­ple will be copy­ing it to try and look like her.

I re­ally hope she’s plan­ning on stay­ing thin for the rest of her life be­cause that tat­too would look RE­ALLY aw­ful on a fat arse.

She is meant to be a role model for young peo­ple and yet there she is do­ing that.

I ac­tu­ally feel sorry for her be­cause I think she will re­ally re­gret it.


I keep see­ing so many young girls these days cov­ered in tat­toos, with whole sleeves of tat­toos up their arms and it just hor­ri­fies me.

They are so young and I re­ally think they will re­gret it when they are older.

Some of the tat­toos look lovely now but imagine in a few years when they want to set­tle down and have kids.

And lots of them say their boyfriends love them hav­ing loads of tat­toos – but they are so young that the chances are they won’t be with them for­ever and their fu­ture boyfriends might be more ma­ture and hate them.

I had a tat­too on my up­per arm when I was just 13 years old and it is one the big­gest re­grets of my life so I know what I’m talk­ing about.

I know how it feels to make such a big mis­take.

Get­ting a tat­too was the big­gest mis­take of my life.

I hate it now – when­ever I wear a dress it is there stick­ing out like a big hor­ri­ble eye­sore.

Over the past few years I have spent loads on try­ing to get rid of it but it won’t go away.

And I have to say the re­moval treat­ment is hor­rific – it is the worst pain I have ever ex­pe­ri­enced in my life.

It is lit­er­ally like some­one is putting a hot poker on your skin and all you can smell is burn­ing flesh.

Plus it costs a for­tune. I am think­ing I might train as a tat­too re­moval spe­cial­ist – that’s where the big bucks will be in years to come when all these young peo­ple grow up and re­alise what a mas­sive mis­take they have made.

I re­ally don’t think Ch­eryl has thought this bum tat­too through prop­erly. I mean, it is ab­so­lutely huge!

She says it’s fine be­cause it is on her bum so no-one will see it but imagine when she has kids and they start ask­ing her what she’s got on her bum.

And what if she ever goes to a posh ho­tel with her kids and wants to go swim­ming and there she is in her bikini with this hideous tat­too stick­ing out of the bot­tom?

I would never do that to my bum. I like my bum the way it is – the way bums have been since the be­gin­ning of time!


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