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IT’S not a blow JOB... it’s a blow TREAT!

That’s ac­cord­ing to a new sur­vey which claims that giv­ing oral sex ac­tu­ally makes women HAPPY.

Science types from the Univer­sity of New York polled 293 women about their sex­ual habits and dis­cov­ered that women who give reg­u­lar noshes have a rosier out­look on life.

Se­men con­tains cor­ti­sol, which pro­motes feel­ings of affection, and sero­tonin, a nat­u­ral an­tide­pres­sant.

And re­ceiv­ing a reg­u­lar dose of man­juice is good for ‘men­tal well­be­ing’, say the egg-heads.


Re­becca Burch, one of the project’s lead­ers, com­mented on her find­ings: “It’s only ad­vis­able in a long-term re­la­tion­ship, as peo­ple need to be wary of who their sex­ual part­ners are and to think of their sex­ual health.

“But se­men does have pos­i­tive ef­fects, and oral sex is still the pre­ferred method of trans­fer­ral to your body’s sys­tem, be­cause more of the pos­i­tive chem­i­cals will be ab­sorbed.”

The new study isn’t the first to sug­gest that swal­low­ing jizz is good for a woman.

For­eign cos­metic com­pa­nies make mois­turis­ers from sperm, be­cause it is con­sid­ered as a pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dant, has sul­phur con­tent which can smooth the skin, and zinc which is use­ful as an acne rem­edy.

Sperm also has a high con­cen­tra­tion of the vi­ta­min B12, which is said to in­crease en­ergy and sharpen your senses. Man muck is also crammed with vi­ta­min C, which en­cour­ages the growth of the pro­tein chains.

A high cal­cium con­tent in sperm is said to be good for the for­ma­tion of bones and teeth, and for main­te­nance of mus­cle and nerve func­tion.

Fruc­tose and Uric Acid in sperm helps to di­gest the sugar in the body – use­ful as a di­a­betes preven­tion.

In a re­cent sur­vey 55 per cent of women found oral sex “very nor­mal”, 32 per cent found it “all right”, nine per cent found it “kinky”, four per cent found it “un­usual”, and one per cent didn’t re­alise there was any other kind!

cit­i­zens con­sider them­selves to have a ‘high sex drive’.

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