Randy teen had me cuffed and stuffed!


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Dear Missy,

MY randy fi­ancée re­cently moved in with me. She’s 39, a few years older than me.

Our sex life is sen­sa­tional and in­cludes the odd naughty home video.

A few weeks ago her 19-year-old daugh­ter came to live with us af­ter her boyfriend kicked her out.

One day I caught her go­ing through our wardrobe and she came across our home vids.

She shocked me, say­ing she knew what they were and that some­times she watched them while frig­ging her­self off.

She then waved her mum’s hand­cuffs un­der my nose and said that she’d of­ten won­dered what it would be like to be cuffed up.

I was get­ting a bit con­fused by then as my old man was start­ing to burst out of my trousers.

In a mat­ter of min­utes she’d man­aged to cuff me to the four­poster bed. I begged her to free me but she just gig­gled. She unzipped my flies to re­lease my ram­pant prick. She grabbed the base and leaned for­ward to de­posit a thick glob of saliva on my bell-end be­fore wank­ing me off.

She slipped off her top and bra and started to wank me with tits that were al­most as big as her mum’s.

Soon her mas­sive orbs were glis­ten­ing with my jizz and she pulled each one to her mouth in turn to lick it off.


Then, as I lay there flac­cid, she pulled down her skirt and climbed on the bed and po­si­tioned her pantie-clad pussy over my face.

She slipped her hand down her panties and started to ca­ress her fanny.

Pretty soon her knick­ers were soaked with her musky love-juice and she yanked them to one side and pushed her sop­ping c*** down on to my ea­gerly await­ing mouth.

I grate­fully slurped at her slot as she wrig­gled ap­pre­cia­tively. I was stiff as a board again and she twisted her­self around so she could get her lips round my dick with her fanny still flush to my face.

She slid her­self down my chest and eased her­self on to my cock.

She had her back to me as she started buck­ing up and down on my throb­bing erec­tion.

She was moan­ing and scream­ing with plea­sure and or­gasmed a good few times be­fore eas­ing her­self off me and the bed.

Then she fin­ished me off with her tits again and I ex­ploded all over her pretty face.

Af­ter­wards I told her that her mum must never find out and she agreed – on one con­di­tion.

I’ve to give her a good ser­vice once a week.

What do you think?

Missy says…

I HAD a great ex­pe­ri­ence at work that left my cock red-raw.

It hap­pened dur­ing a spe­cial cer­e­mony for me as I’d just qual­i­fied to be an en­gi­neer.

The lads tied me down on my back with just a towel over my lower half and they blind­folded me.

Then my mates left and told me they were let­ting in all the fac­tory women.

Bound hand and foot, I was at their mercy. Some­one took my towel away so I was bol­lock-naked.

Some­one else played with my prick to give me a hard-on.

I heard shouts of “Make him spunk” and the sound of cam­era phones click­ing.

Of course, I didn’t tell my girl­friend but my mates keep drop­ping hints and I’m sure she’ll find out soon. What can I do?

AS, West Mid­lands

Hey, you’re Becky from ac­counts! Lis­ten,

don’t shoot, I sur­ren­der! I dropped my ruddy paint­ball gun in a sod­ding brook! I just want to get back to base camp

Com­mie?! You’re tak­ing this a bit se­ri­ously aren’t you? And how come you’re not wear­ing your safety gog­gles? Don’t you re­mem­ber what hap­pened to

PJ in Byker Grove?

Shut yer neck, maggot! You’re a long way from Byker Grove now, red. You’re my pris­oner of war, so if you want to live, you’ll do ex­actly what I say. Got it? IF you ask me, paint­ball’s for w*nkers. But, faced with a predica­ment like that, you were right to obey her or­ders. Who knows what she was ca­pa­ble of that day… Jeez…

as you’ve prob­a­bly gained a IT might be bet­ter if you left bit of a rep­u­ta­tion!

to blame. TELL her the truth – you’re not

Hmmm… The sun’s clearly

got to Becky’s head. But she’s so


G-G-Got it!




Get out here where I can see

you, com­mie! And keep those hands up the


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