OF DIRTY SANCHEZ… Shot, beer en­e­mas, ar­ses ripped raw and ex­plod­ing dicks… we were like rock stars!

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Guin­ness Book of World Records so I asked if there’s a record for be­ing hit with paint­balls, and some­one on the crew said, ‘Yeah there is. It’s 102’. So I thought, ‘I’ll f**king beat that!’

When it came round to shoot­ing, there was the Guin­ness of­fi­cial there, a health and safety guy. We had to sign proper pa­per­work and ev­ery­thing. I re­ally be­lieved it.

So I stood there and got bat­tered by 103 paint­balls. I was in a right state. A few weeks later this f**king bean­head bas­tard here told me there was no such f**king record! And this was after I told all my friends, my mother, every­body. DAIN­TON: The movie was f**king funny, man. Pritch also got his dick tat­tooed with ‘I Love Dain­ton’ in Thai­land. He was like, ‘I’ve got some­thing to tell you...’ PRITCHARD: The thing is, ev­ery time I have a wank now, Dain­ton name just gets big­ger on my cock. He was f**king suck­ing it last night!


DAIN­TON: It was just a big joke on MTV. They were pay­ing us to make a film and we trav­elled around the world just go­ing nuts. It was f**king bizarre, to be hon­est. PRITCHARD: Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all good. Get­ting ar­rested in Rus­sia was f**king shit... DAIN­TON: We were film­ing out­side the Krem­lin on G8 sum­mit day dressed as Rus­sian gen­er­als. The Pres­i­dent’s guards ar­rested us, not the po­lice. They came up in a big truck and chucked us in the back, scream­ing at us in Rus­sian.

I thought we were never go­ing to see the light of day again. It was f**king scary. PRITCHARD: That was un­be­liev­able. As soon as they let us go we rushed to the air­port and I was like, ‘I’m not go­ing to f**king cel­e­brate un­til I’m back in Bri­tain’.


PRITCHARD: Bum one another.


DAIN­TON: Not be­ing ho­mo­pho­bic but he’s just not bum­ming me, that’s it. PRITCHARD: MTV would have loved to see that! DAIN­TON: To be fair, we’ve done worse. Dur­ing the last sea­son for MTV, we were in Ja­pan and went to this sketchy lit­tle f**king brothel. We didn’t re­alise at first but it was a fetish place where blokes go to get scat­ted on.

For the show we were trav­el­ling around the world try­ing out dif­fer­ent weird ex­pe­ri­ences – and I had a Ja­panese woman shit on my face. Great. PRITCHARD: That cost me a for­tune ac­tu­ally but it was a great laugh watch­ing him get pissed and shit on by a fat Ja­panese bird. F**king bril­liant! DAIN­TON: The worst part was hav­ing Pritchard next to me giv­ing the most de­tailed f**king de­scrip­tion of what was go­ing on.

‘Oh, I can see the tur­tles head pok­ing out!’, ‘Fuck me, it’s a like a big tree branch com­ing out of her arse!’

I had my eyes closed the whole time and just felt her shit hit me in the face, roll down my chin and onto my chest while this prick laughed!


DAIN­TON: Yeah, we met a few of them. Bam, Preston, Steve-O… PRITCHARD: Bam came and in­tro­duced him­self to me! We didn’t meet Knoxville though. DAIN­TON: A guy called Dave Carnie, who ba­si­cally started Jack­ass, wrote a piece about us for U.S. skate mag­a­zine Big Brother. It was a re­view of our orig­i­nal skate video Pritchard Vs Dain­ton.

He said, ‘I love th­ese filthy bas­tards and they’ve made hands down the best skate video I’ve seen in a long time!’

And that was one of the orig­i­nal Jack­ass guys giv­ing us props in a ma­jor Amer­i­can mag be­fore Jack­ass had even started. PRITCHARD: Hence why he didn’t have a job in Jack­ass! PRE-OR­DER the boys’ out­ra­geous doc­u­men­tary

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