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HE­LIUM T900 Pill speaker – £59.95 – HERE’S a cute lit­tle recharge­able, sound blaster that not only makes your mu­sic sound great, but looks fan­tas­tic, too.

The cool look is all thanks to one side of the speaker be­ing cov­ered in LEDs that light up when mu­sic is played.

There are five dif­fer­ent an­i­ma­tions to choose from and it even has a built in ‘grav­ity sen­sor’ to de­tect if the speaker is ly­ing flat or stood up.


You can play your tunes in a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent ways, in­clud­ing AUX cable, mi­cro SD card and Blue­tooth

So no mat­ter what de­vice you’re play­ing from, there should be a hole for it.

Fi­nally, this splash proof speaker boasts an in built mi­cro­phone, for shout­ing in amidst all the par­ty­ing. CoPi­lot Live copi­ EV­ERY­ONE knows you shouldn’t leave a sat nav in your car for the world to see. That’s be­cause some chavvy f**kweasel will more than likely smash your win­dow in and grab it.

That be­ing said you re­ally don’t want to be lug­ging an ex­pen­sive bit of kit around with you ei­ther.

So why not just get a de­cent Sat Nav on your phone?

The CoPi­lot


Now that all the com­pa­nies who orig­i­nally thought Steve Jobs was a bit of a knob have come out with their own take on the iPad, you can barely move for the sod­ding things.

This handy Toshiba of­fer­ing is one of the lat­est. It comes in two sizes, 8.1 inches and 10 inches, but as ev­ery male strip­per knows – big­ger is bet­ter.

Crammed into the 10 inch ver­sion is a mod­est 1280 x 800 pixel res­o­lu­tion, which won’t set your world on fire, but it’s enough. You can still dis­cern ev­ery wrin­kle on a porn star’s anus as you pe­ruse grum­ble sites from the safety of your lava­tory.

It’s in­cred­i­bly light and thin as well, mea­sur­ing less than 9mm in width, so you’ll be able to hold it in your left hand whilst your right is ‘oth­er­wise oc­cu­pied.’

It runs on a 1.8 GHz In­tel Atom pro­ces­sor and boasts 2GB of RAM mak­ing it a tidy lit­tle pack­age. Oh, and it’s on Win­dows 8.1.

Now, that may not be as hip as Ap­ple or An­droid, but it does work.

It ships with 32GB of mem­ory but a mi­croSD port lets you up that cheaply and eas­ily, just in case you feel the need to carry your mu­sic and porn with your ev­ery­where.

There’s also a two built-in cam­eras, a 5-megapixel rear and 1.5-megapixel front-fac­ing, so be­ing that dick­head who takes tablet self­ies has never been eas­ier.

A solid tablet, al­beit one that’s not top of the range. But for the price, you wouldn’t ex­pect it to be. maps of the UK straight from your mo­bile, and doesn’t even need to use Wi-Fi or GPS, so you won’t rack up any crazy costs.

CoPi­lot’s new smarter POI search finds all the use­ful places you need on the road ahead, based on your route and the di­rec­tion you’re trav­el­ling, rather than by sim­ple ge­o­graphic prox­im­ity.

It avoids un­nec­es­sary de­tours to places off-route or be­hind you, sav­ing time and fuel. There’s even Com­muteMe – a fancy fea­ture that takes the has­sle out of the daily drive to work.

It some­how learns your pre­ferred route to and from the of­fice or build­ing site, and then au­to­mat­i­cally scans the route for traf­fic to help you avoid de­lays and pro­vide an ac­cu­rate ar­rival time.

It’s also got a built-in ‘find my car’ fea­­sen­tial for the morn­ing after the night be­fore.

CoPi­lot is avail­able for almost all mo­bile plat­forms in­clud­ing Win­dows, An­droid and Ap­ple.

sim­ply To win the CoPi­lot Sat Nav for your mo­bile, an­swer this dum­b­ass ques­tion.

on Q: Which countr y re­cently had a r ef­er­en­dum in­de­pen­dence? A) Scot­land B) Wales C) Eng­land

name, ad­dress Send you an­swers along with your

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