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with my mis­sus and was think­ing of leav­ing her – and she seemed to un­der­stand when I men­tioned the meat paste sand­wiches.

Any­way, she quickly knocked back a cou­ple of glasses of plonk and then she shocked me by reach­ing across un­der the ta­ble and un­zip­ping my fly.

Soon she was giv­ing my lit­tle sol­dier a lovely wank – and for­tu­nately the long table­coth hid her ac­tiv­ity from view.

We were both so turned on that we quickly ate our meal and re­turned to the car.

I drove to a quiet lay-by nearby. Within seconds, I got her skirt up and her knick­ers and tights down as I probed her moist clit with my fin­gers.

Then she whipped my cock out and I climbed on top to give her a re­ally good shaft­ing, which ended with her scream­ing in ec­stasy as we cli­maxed to­gether.

After that, nei­ther of us fan­cied go­ing back to work, so I rang in on the mo­bile and told my boss we’d be out for the rest of the day.

Then I drove as fast as I could back to her place.

Once she’d un­dressed me in her bed­room, she got down on all fours and be­gan giv­ing me the best nosh I’ve ever ex­pe­ri­enced.

I was ready for an af­ter­noon of fu­ri­ous f**king, but she jumped up and told me to wait.

She nipped down to the kitchen and came back with a jar of some­thing that she be­gan smear­ing on my knob.

The smell was un­mis­tak­able – meat paste!

I jumped up and be­gan scream­ing at her – and that brought our pas­sion­ate en­counter to a sud­den con­clu­sion.

Can you sug­gest a way to make it up with her?

TR, Der­byshire

have noth­ing to be ashamed AS you were all drunk, you

be a re­peat per­for­mance. of. Let them know there won’t

CLEAN your own win­dows.

Look, it says here on the rota

that it’s YOUR turn to scrub in

here You mean like

this? Well so have I! (SIGH) I tell you what Jad­viga, how about you toss me

for it?

(GULP!) This isn’t the kind of TOSS I meant! Jeez, whatta grip!

But is, how you say? Not fair! I clean in here al­ready this week – is got to be your turn!

AH! Okay! Now we have ze, how you say? HOT SEX! Jump off a minute, I’m ly­ing on a kid­ney dish! SEX in the work­place causes no end of pr oblems…not least when your boss walks in.

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