Dear Bai­ley,

Midweek Sport - - CLASSIFIED -

LAST Satur­day I got up early to do some iron­ing and about 11am went for a lie-down.

my own. I’m a 28-year-old wom­an­liv­ing on I oc­ca­sion­ally treat my­self to

a bald fanny and that’s what I did that morn­ing.

on I’d taken off my knick­ers and was sat the bed thighs spread wide, ra­zor

in hand, when I heard a noise at the win­dow.

look­ing It was the win­dow cleaner. He was straight at me and I could see he’d got an erec­tion pok­ing out of his over­alls.

let When he saw me he smiled and then fly a huge stream of spunk all over my win­dow.

to I found my­self turned on and started ex­plore my wet pussy with my fin­gers.

his The win­dow cleaner couldn’ t be­lieve eyes. I could see he was stiff

as a rod again and so I went down­stairs and let him in.

sofa He grabbed me and tossed me on the and rammed his cock straight up my pussy.

good I or­gasmed im­me­di­ately and came a five times in the next 10 min­utes.

but Now he ex­pects the same ev­ery week, for me it was a one-off. What can

I do? JH, west Yorks

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