FOR­GET nicely-scented can­dles and mood light­ing – be­cause the big­gest turn-on for women is ac­tu­ally clean BED SHEETS!

A shock new survey has re­vealed a whop­ping 70 per cent of ladies are more likely to want sex when the li­nen is squeaky clean!

And if that’s not enough rea­son to scrub away your en­crusted wankstains then just wait un­til your read on!

Be­cause it’s now been sci­en­tif­i­cally PROVEN that women get all horny when sniff­ing FRESH LAUN­DRY.

Almost half of Bri­tish babes say that noth­ing gets them in the mood quicker.

And other ma­jor turn-ons in­clude ex­pen­sive af­ter­shave, soapy bub­bly baths and high-class al­co­holic cock­tails.

It’s not sur­pris­ing then that women stick their nose up at blokes with bad hy­giene.

Un­clean sheets topped the list of big­gest mood-killers – with 51% of women vot­ing it their top turn-off.

The study also found that dirty socks and other laun­dry left ly­ing around did blokes no favours.


Sex ex­pert Nix­alina Wat­son said: “A freshly made bed and clean sheets will al­ways aid the sex­ual ap­petite be­tween cou­ples.

“This is be­cause both part­ners feel more com­fort­able, cosy and cleaner in a newly-made bed than you do in dirty sheets.

“Sex­ual arousal is in­trin­si­cally linked to our touch and smell sen­sors, so it makes sense that our big­gest turn-ons are clean smells and the smell of boudoir per­fume.”

Another top tip is to set her senses tin­gling with the sexy fra­grance of Surf’s new Flirty Shades of Surf.

– 70% Clean sheets

bed – 49% Fresh-smelling

– 41% Af­ter­shave smell

drink – 34% Good food and

32% Bub­ble bath – Dirty sheets

– 52% Noisy guests

or kids – Dirty laundr

51% y ly­ing around Un­tidy house

– 39% – 30% Un­flat­teri ng light­ing

– 19% AS a stu­dent, I have to con­fess that I’ve seen my fair share of dirty bed sheets!

There’s been a few times when I’ve gone back to a guy’s digs after a night club­bing and his bed has been in a right old state.

I don’t think most girls or guys go out look­ing for a one-night stand – it just sort of hap­pens.

So I think you can be for­given for not clean­ing up be­fore­hand.

But if I was in a re­la­tion­ship with a guy and his bed was al­ways dirty, I would def­i­nitely have to say some­thing.

It’s just gross.


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