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Midweek Sport - - AGONY -

I’M a bar­maid and I love sex. I’m 21 with long, dark hair and most blokes can’t take their eyes off my 34Ds.

I am used to be­ing chat­ted up but had never taken it any fur­ther un­til one of the reg­u­lars of­fered me £20 to suck his cock.

I needed the money, so I gave him a blowjob on my way home. I must have im­pressed him as over the next few weeks sev­eral of his mates paid me to give them a gob­ble.

I was happy with the ex­tra money and was de­lighted when the land­lord of­fered me £500 to be shagged by him and a cou­ple of cus­tomers.

On the night of the gang-bang the land­lord led me to the pool table. He stripped me and soon I was be­ing banged by three blokes.

But the whole thing was filmed, with­out my knowl­edge. It’s sold loads round here and I can’t go any­where with­out be­ing called a slag.

What should I do?

DF, Lan­cashire

MOVE to a new area and find another job. EMAIL: agony@sun­ OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,Ma­cLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP MY randy fi­ancée re­cently moved in with me. She’s 39, a few years older than me.

Our sex life is sen­sa­tional and in­cludes the odd naughty home video.

A few weeks ago her 19-year-old daugh­ter came to live with us af­ter her boyfriend kicked her out.

One day I caught her go­ing through our wardrobe and she came across our home vids.

She shocked me, say­ing she knew what they were and that some­times she watched them while frig­ging her­self off.

She then waved her mum’s hand­cuffs under my nose and said she’d of­ten won­dered what it would be like to be cuffed up.

I was get­ting


bit con­fused by this time, as my old man was rock-hard and start­ing to burst out of my trousers.

In a mat­ter of min­utes she’d man­aged to cuff me to the four-poster bed.

I begged her to free me, but she just gig­gled.

She unzipped my flies to re­lease my ram­pant prick. She grabbed the base and leaned for­ward to de­posit a thick glob of saliva on my bell-end be­fore wank­ing me off.

She slipped off her top and bra and started to wank me with tits that were al­most as big as her mum’s.

Soon her mas­sive orbs were glis­ten­ing with my jizz and she pulled each one to her mouth in turn to lick it off.

Then, as


lay there

COME clean and hope she sees the funny side of it. flac­cid, she pulled down her skirt and climbed on the bed and po­si­tioned her pantie-clad pussy over my face.

She slipped her hand down her panties and started to ca­ress her fanny.

Pretty soon her knick­ers were soaked with her musky love-juice and she yanked them to one side and pushed her sop­ping c**t down on to my ea­gerly await­ing mouth.

I grate­fully slurped at her slot as she wrig­gled ap­pre­cia­tively. IF that’s sup­posed to be your “pun­ish­ment”, then take it like a man and en­joy it!

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