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Then on Mon­day for­mer Corona­tion Street ac­tor Ken Mor­ley was also given the shove after one too many of­fen­sive com­ments – both racist and sex­ist.

What he said was just so, so wrong. In fact, it was so ut­terly hor­ri­ble and nasty that I’ve my sus­pi­cions he was say­ing all th­ese things so that he WOULD get LAST week’s ter­ror at­tack in Paris was dread­ful and it was great to see so many peo­ple march­ing for free­dom at the week­end.

I know we can’t let the ter­ror­ists win, and that if we show them we are scared then ef­fec­tively they have won, but I am scared.

It does make me worry BEAUTY & THE BEASTS: Ali­cia with Ken and

Jeremy kicked out. Maybe he was just miss­ing home too much?

And when it comes to the win­ner, I think Na­dia Sawalha could be in with a good chance.

I knew her many years ago when she was go­ing out with ex- EastEn­ders ac­tor Marc Ban­ner­man at the same time as I was dat­ing his on-screen brother, Michael Greco.

She was al­ways a lovely girl, and she is a great cook, which I think will go down well with her house­mates.

Mean­while Ali­cia Dou­vall is also a good friend of mine – I have known her for years.

She used to be my party buddy when we went out on about my safety, it does make me think twice about us­ing the Tube.

And I think all this stand­ing up to them is re­ally just goad­ing them, which makes me worry even more.

I worry that by say­ing we’re not scared we are ba­si­cally en­cour­ag­ing them to come and do it again. the London scene back in the day.

She is com­ing across re­ally well and I re­ally hope peo­ple will get to see the real her.

Peo­ple think that be­cause of the bad de­ci­sions she has made over plas­tic surgery that she must be a bit of an air-head. But ac­tu­ally she is re­ally in­tel­li­gent and is very level-headed.

She’s from a nice fam­ily and is a re­ally nice per­son.

We were meant to be meet­ing up for a cof­fee and a catch-up be­fore she went into the house – although I didn’t know she was go­ing in at the time – so I am sure we will

It is like a red rag to a bull – we are egging them on and I think peo­ple are be­ing put at risk by it.

It is right that peo­ple are stand­ing up to th­ese vi­o­lent ter­ror­ists and I def­i­nitely agree that we can’t let them win.

But is this the right way to do it? I’m not so sure. get to­gether when she comes out of the house.

I have al­ways liked Ali­cia and we have never fallen out. I re­ally hope she does well.

For some rea­son there seems to be a bit of ten­sion be­tween her and Calum Best and it was ru­moured that there is his­tory there.

It’s dis­gust­ing that Calum isn’t speak­ing to her and just keeps giv­ing her filthy looks. He needs to man up and con­front her if he’s got a prob­lem.

If he has a prob­lem with her sell­ing sto­ries then he is a hyp­ocrite be­cause he has done the same – he spilled the beans on his fling with Lind­say Lo­han! MY web­site is go­ing re­ally well at the mo­ment since I re-launched it and I am re­ally ex­cited about mak­ing it even bet­ter!

I have dou­bled the num­ber of mem­bers in the last three months, which is great. And I would like to say a big thanks to all my fans. As a spe­cial treat for all the mem­bers I am post­ing a new movie ev­ery week and also chang­ing the front page each week, too.

I am also go­ing to add a shop to the site so fans can buy posters, mugs and other mem­o­ra­bilia.

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