SEX FO­RUM Fe­male ejac­u­la­tion? No, they’re just tak­ing the pee!

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MIIDWEEK IT’S of­fi­cial: the dark art of fe­male ‘squirting’ does NOT ex­ist, ac­cord­ing to top sci­en­tists.

The sub­ject of ‘fe­male ejac­u­la­tion’ di­vides opin­ion, de­spite porn stars like Sasha Grey and Bel­ladonna claim­ing to be able to per­form the feat.

But now bonk boffins have con­firmed, once and for all, that ‘squirting’ is just PISS­ING!

In what is thought to be the first-ever med­i­cal jour­nal ar­ti­cle on squirting, French ex­perts gave pelvic ul­tra­sounds to seven women who pre­vi­ously re­ported be­ing able to ‘emit a cup full’ of liq­uid when­ever they had sex.

Scans were taken after the women peed, and then twice dur­ing sex­ual stim­u­la­tion, in or­der to pin­point ex­actly where the sub­stance was com­ing from and what it con­sisted of.

And, the egg-heads now say, it was PEE all along.

A re­searcher said: “The present data based on ul­tra­sono­graphic blad­der mon­i­tor­ing and bio­chem­i­cal analy­ses in­di­cate that squirting is es­sen­tially the in­vol­un­tary emis­sion of urine dur­ing sex­ual ac­tiv­ity, although a mar­ginal con­tri­bu­tion of pro­static se­cre­tions to the emit­ted fluid of­ten ex­ists.”

The news won’t please fem­i­nists. They have long cham­pi­oned fe­male ejac­u­la­tion, say­ing it is a ‘phys­i­cal man­i­fes­ta­tion of their or­gasm’ to ri­val any man.

The study comes after the UK gov­ern­ment banned ‘squirting’ bongo movies be­ing pro­duced in the UK, sim­ply be­cause no one could say defini­tively whether or not the girl was hav­ing a slash, with ‘wa­ter­sports’ flicks also banned un­der new laws.

Justin Lehmiller, of the popular blog Sex and Psy­chol­ogy, says squirting vids are still hugely popular on­line.

He said: “It prob­a­bly stems from a de­sire to know that the woman en­joyed her­self and was sex­u­ally sat­is­fied. A lot of guys ac­tu­ally care about this.”

Brunette beauty Alice Spencer, from War­ring­ton, Cheshire, has long sus­pected the act was bo­gus.

The 32C lovely, aged 22, told us: “This survey doesn’t sur­prise me at all. I’ve seen squirting in porn and al­ways thought, ‘ Well, that has never hap­pened to me!’”

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