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Do NOT send her pic­tures of your Cut your fin­ger­nails. If she movies her body dur­ing oral not move your head.

if Mid-vagi­nal pen­e­tra­tion feels amaz­ing

with just you do a few re­ally shal­low thrusts,

ound 6-10 the head of your pe­nis, maybe ar

back in. times, then thrust your full length

her When you go down on a girl, pull

to her knick­ers down only enough to get

the pussy. Let her knick­ers catch on

it’s not as un­der­side of your chin, en­sur­ing

and easy to pull away when your mouth tongue hit a sen­si­tive spot.

be­fore The best fore­play hap­pens way, way

de­cided to ei­ther one of you have mu­tu­ally

hard to get, have sex. Make ad­vances, play

of f and and she’ll lit­er­ally rip your clothes drag you to the bed­room.

or ‘Keep If a girl tells you, ‘Just like that’

Don’t go­ing’, just stay at the same pace. get ex­cited and speed up.

I’m not al­ways go­ing to or gasm, not a big deal. I still want you.

will­ing to Wash your dick and we’re more give you a BJ.

me, Be vo­cal. T ell me wher e you want

do to how much you want me, what you’ll

you like me, in what way . Tell me what

don’t be and if I should do it longer . And afraid to moan.

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