Is ET try­ing to phone us?

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A MYS­TE­RI­OUS noise com­ing from deep space could be ALIENS try­ing to COM­MU­NI­CATE with us.

That’s ac­cord­ing to puz­zled boffins, who have dis­cov­ered a radio sig­nal which flashes on and off.

Some astronomers think the en­ergy source could be com­ing from ‘evap­o­rat­ing black holes’ or ‘merg­ing neu­tron stars’.

Oth­ers even think it could be lit­tle green men try­ing to have a chat with another civil­i­sa­tion.

John Mulchaey, di­rec­tor of Cal­i­for­nia’s Carnegie Ob­ser­va­to­ries, said: “These events are one of the big­gest mys­ter­ies in the uni­verse. Un­til now, astronomers were not able to catch one of these events in the act.”

Another UFO en­thu­si­ast said: “This sig­nal may fi­nally prove that there IS life out­side our so­lar sys­tem.”

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