COURT SHORT ‘Tramp’ does a poo on mag­is­trates’ floor

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DIS­GUSTED lawyers were left gag­ging af­ter a mys­tery plop­per curled-out a TURD on the floor of West­min­ster Mag­is­trates’ Court.

The stinky dump was found on a tiled lobby floor out­side Court No.7.

And so­lic­i­tor Mar­i­anna Chris­tou – who Tweeted about the shit – says she very nearly TROD in it!

The 31-year-old pointed the fin­ger at a TRAMP, who may have shaken the log out of his trouser leg.

She posted: “Some­body had put cones up but it was quite spaced out so you had to ma­noeu­vre around the cones.

“It was there for a good hour. No­body thought to clean it, and it smelled!

“It was in the lobby, out­side Court 7. It was where peo­ple wait to be called into court. “I al­most stepped in it. “Another so­lic­i­tor said she’d heard there was a home­less man who had done it as he was walk­ing and it sort of fell down his trousers.” DOO­DOO DODGER: So­lic­i­tor Mar­i­anna

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