Ly­ing about your age? That’s the OLD­EST trick in the book, Katie!

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THE story about Katie Red­ford – the ac­tress who lied about her age to get a part in – re­ally made me chuckle.

What a silly girl – I can’t be­lieve she thought she would get away with it!

She does look very young but she was try­ing to push it way too far. She is nearly 26 – and yet was try­ing to pre­tend she is only 19!

And she was au­di­tion­ing for the part of a 14-year-old – which is just RIDICU­LOUS.

How on earth she thought she wouldn’t get caught out I don’t know.

Coro­na­tion Street bosses must be a bit silly as well to not even bother do­ing their home­work. and been caught out in the past.

For­mer Pussycat Dolls singer Ni­cole Scherzinger tried to do it but she was caught out.

It is stupid to even try it these days but I have my sus­pi­cions about quite a few of the mod­els out there.

There are def­i­nitely a hand­ful of names that im­me­di­ately spring to mind who I am con­vinced have shaved a few years off their real age.

Some of them are claim­ing to be the same age as me – or even a bit younger – when I know for a fact that they are at least a few years older!

I have never lied about my age be­cause there isn’t any point – my age has been so well-doc­u­mented over the years.

It re­ally winds me up when peo­ple ac­cuse me of ly­ing about it – I some­times have peo­ple Tweet­ing me say­ing, ‘Shut up – you’re older than that’, and it makes me an­gry.

When I first posed top­less in the Sun­day Sport they printed my birth certificate and my pass­port to prove my age so there is no way I can lie about it!

It will be in­ter­est­ing to see who Cor­rie cast in the role now but it has to be some­one CON­SID­ER­ABLY younger I reckon.

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