CBB: Wart a load of dick­heads they all are

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Celebrity Big Brother is in tur­moil af­ter half the con­tes­tants turned on the shit-stir­ring Yank blog­ger Perez Hil­ton.

“He’s a gen­i­tal wart on the face of this house,” said Katie Hop­kins, who is clearly con­fused about where most of us keep our gen­i­tals.

Or maybe she just as­sumes ev­ery­one is like her – a dick­head.

Mean­while, the spirit of this se­ries is best sum­marised by an ad­vert dur­ing Sun­day night’s show, for the vagi­nal oint­ment Vag­isil.

Yep, ir­ri­tat­ing twats, the lot of them. NEW Chan­nel 4 sit­com Catas­tro­phe bel­ter.

The only cat­a­strophic thing about it is the late tim­ing of 10pm.

OK, so it has a few “c**ts” in it. But so does Deal Or No Deal and they put that out at teatime! is a BBC1 tal­ent show The Voice saw a crack­ing au­di­tion by a Bey­once trib­ute act from York­shire.

She’s miss­ing a trick by not call­ing her­self Bey­once-bah-gum.

We also met a lad who wanted to em­u­late the suc­cess of his cousin, who is in the mega-fa­mous boy­band JLS.

He didn’t get through, sadly, so no JLS for him. Plenty of DSS though.

Then there was my favourite, a Devon based nud­ist called Billy Bot­tle, who did a song by Snap.

If I was a nud­ist, I’d be bang­ing on about Snap too. The Cold Snap.

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