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I RE­CENTLY moved into a small vil­lage and quickly got in­volved in lo­cal life.

But not quite the way I’d imag­ined. I de­cided to hold a birth­day party and went along to book the church hall.

I met the vicar’s wife – a prim and proper lady – and made the ar­range­ments with her.

On the evening of the party I went over to the hall to make sure ev­ery­thing was okay.

But I was shocked to find the place full of peo­ple at their own bash.

I rushed round to ask the vicar’s wife what was go­ing on and she told me she’d dou­ble-booked by mis­take.

There was noth­ing she could do about it, so I had to have a last-minute party in the pub.

Next morn­ing, she called round to see me. She looked I HAVE got my­self into a bit of a pickle. A few months ago I started flirt­ing with the re­cep­tion­ist at work.

She’s fit, but I’m a so­lic­i­tor look­ing for a pro­mo­tion and shag­ging the re­cep­tion­ist isn’t some­thing my boss would like.

We had a lot of sex, but I de­cided it couldn’t go on and she went mad.

She told me if I don’t give her sex then she is go­ing to tell my boss.

I’m wor­ried about go­ing back to work and I am con­sid­er­ing re­sign­ing.

What shall I do? Gary, Ed­in­burgh TELL your boss that you made a mis­take by hav­ing a re­la­tion­ship with some­one at work, say you re­gret it now and that it won’t af­fect yours or the re­cep­tion­ist’s work. I’m sure he would pre­fer to hear this from you rather than from her. very sheep­ish and quickly apol­o­gised.

Then she said that if it was any con­so­la­tion, her hus­band had pun­ished her for her mis­take.

I asked her how and she blushed and said he had spanked her.

When I had got over the shock, I asked her more about this.

She con­fessed that the kinky cleric had taken her over his knee and slapped her bare bot­tom half-adozen times on each cheek.

“Well,” I said jok­ingly, “I think you got off far too lightly.”

She of­fered no re­sis­tance as I led her to a chair and took her across my knee. I I WORK in the lo­cal glass fac­tory as a cleaner. Nor­mally, there is no­body around af­ter shifts when I clean the toi­lets.

One evening when clean­ing I didn’t re­alise there was a guy in the cu­bi­cle. I opened the door and he was yank­ing at his im­pres­sive mem­ber.

Be­ing a shy 19-year-old, I did not know what to say. But I didn’t need to say any­thing be­cause, be­fore I knew it, I was on my knees tak­ing his full length in my mouth.

He then picked me up, sat me on the sink and f**ked me hard and fast.

I could hear his balls slap­ping off the ce­ramic as I came fu­ri­ously.

That was last week, and now he wants to tell ev­ery­one.

HELP! Grace, Alloa WARN him to back off or you’ll let it be known that he’s a se­cret wanker. NO, a con­fes­sion clears the slate. I HAVE been with my boyfriend for two months.

He is 25 as am I. He is lovely and the best shag I have had in my life.

He is re­ally filthy and gives me a good see­ing to as and when I need it.

The prob­lem is when I am giv­ing him oral sex he forces my head onto his man­hood.

This I don’t mind, but he re­ally pulls my hair and, to put it bluntly, it f**king hurts.

I don’t want him to think I am a prude so just go along with it, but if he continues then I don’t think I can be with him any,more as the pain is too much. How do I tell him?

Ber­nadette, Cork MAKE up a lit­tle white lie and tell him that you love it when he pulls your hair like that, but he has to stop as it’s caus­ing you to have headaches. He won’t think you are prude then.

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