7-out-of-10 univer­sity babes ad­mit to ca­sual sex romps! Alexis Ford says…

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GIRL stu­dents av­er­age three one-night stands while at univer­sity, ac­cord­ing to new re­search.

Seven out of ten women ad­mit­ted hav­ing a ca­sual hook-up while they were study­ing.

And most en­joyed this ca­sual sex – with 86 per cent say­ing it was a pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ence. Half those polled said they loved ca­sual sex – de­scrib­ing it as a “very” pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ence.

But the sur­vey found that women viewed one-night stands in dif­fer­ent ways.

Four out of ten reck­oned a one-night stand MUST in­volve sex­ual in­ter­course.

A fur­ther 16% reck­oned it still counted as a onenight stand if it in­volved grop­ing but no oral sex or in­ter­course.

And 11% still thought it was a one-night stand if there was oral sex but no in­ter­course.

The find­ings come from polling 13,484 stu­dents in the So­ci­o­log­i­cal Re­view, which analy­ses hu­man be­hav­iour.

It also looked at how con­sis­tently fe­male stu­dents had or­gasms dur­ing full sex.

Just 11% of the fe­male stu­dents polled said they al­ways or­gasmed on their first night of sex with a new part­ner.

A fur­ther 16% said they would or­gasm the first or sec­ond time they slept with some­one.

A third (34%) will have had an or­gasm if they slept with some­one three or more times.

But the fe­male stu­dents polled said the best way to achieve reg­u­lar or­gasms was by be­ing in a set­tled re­la­tion­ship.

Two-thirds (67%) said they reg­u­larly or­gasmed when they are with a long-term boyfriend.

Around eight of ten cus­tomers at sex toy firm Love­honey have ex­pe­ri­enced one-night stands. And sex ex­pert

Tracey Cox,

who has her own range of sex toys with Love­honey, said one-night stands can be a great way of en­joy­ing sex. She said: “I am of­ten sur­prised by the shock poured on the idea of a woman en­joy­ing a one-night stand.

“It is one of the sub­jects on which women and men are still judged by a starkly dif­fer­ent set of cri­te­ria.

“Slag, slut, easy – all words used ex­clu­sively to de­scribe women who ‘ sleep around’. But where is the male equiv­a­lent? “This lan­guage shows that women are still be­ing de­rided for en­gag­ing in be­hav­iour that – were a man to act the same way – would be ac­cepted and of­ten en­cour­aged.

“I, like Sex and the City char­ac­ter Sa­man­tha Jones, am a big am­bas­sador of the onenight stand – with just one rule, that it is taken for ex­actly what it is.

“For me, they were thrilling, in­tox­i­cat­ing and con­fi­dence-build­ing en­coun­ters which re­built my shat­tered con­fi­dence af­ter a painful break-up.

“They didn’t need to be more than what they were in that mo­ment.

“Sex is fun and if you are play­ing it safe and en­gag­ing in it for your own sat­is­fac­tion, then go right ahead.

“Of course it’s lovely to as­sume ev­ery man you en­counter will fall in love with you, but as a singleton you should be happy to try men on for size – and vice versa.

“While your fan­tasies as mid­night ap­proached may have had you skip­ping down the aisle, the morn­ing af­ter can bring a dawn­ing that this should be a pleas­ing mo­ment in time to be savoured just for what it is.

“I guar­an­tee that when you’re look­ing back on your friv­o­lous days of frol­ick­ing, these ex­pe­ri­ences will prove some of the most thrilling of your life – as long as you can roll with it and rel­ish it for what it is.” MY first one-night stand was a few years ago – and to be hon­est I re­gret­ted it af­ter­wards.

But not be­cause I don’t agree with it – just be­cause the sex was crap!

“I think me and the bloke were re­ally ner­vous, but since then I’ve grown up a lot and have far more con­fi­dence in my­self.

And now I have that, I find it eas­ier to spot in other peo­ple, too, so I make bet­ter choices.

“Girls shouldn’t get hung up on one-night stands. Ev­ery­one does it – just go out, be safe and en­joy your­selves.

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