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I’M a hair­dresser, 30, who runs my own sa­lon and I’ve been dat­ing a fella 20 years older than me.

We met in a bar one night, when I’d gone out with some of my girlie mates.

There was a group of lads both­er­ing us and he stepped in and told them they were spoil­ing our evening.

The lads quickly went away and he of­fered to buy us a drink.

We chat­ted for the rest of the night and when he of­fered me a lift home I grate­fully ac­cepted.

So I asked him in for cof­fee and once in­side I leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

Af­ter sit­ting in the lounge and shar­ing a bot­tle of wine, his hand

He moaned with plea­sure as I low­ered my head and took him ten­derly be­tween my lips and sucked him slowly.

Within a cou­ple of min­utes I could feel the pres­sure build­ing up in his balls so I said we should go up­stairs.

We un­dressed and he licked my A COU­PLE of weeks ago two lovely young nurses moved into the flat above mine.

I saw them ar­rive and I couldn’t be­lieve how pretty they were, so I went to in­tro­duce my­self.

One is blonde and the other a red­head and they both have stunning fig­ures.

We got chat­ting and I ended up go­ing to the off-li­cence for some wine for the three of us.

Af­ter we’d had a cou­ple of bot­tles one of the girls told me that they were living to­gether as les­bos, but they oc­ca­sion­ally liked cock, too.

Then she asked if I’d like to see what they get up to to­gether.

They started kiss­ing and fondling each other’s tits and fan­nies. It was like watch­ing a red-hot porn movie but with the at­trac­tion of be­ing able to get in­volved.

While the blonde was lick­ing out her mate I started shag­ging her from be­hind. I then had the red­head be­fore they both sucked me off.

But the prob­lem is the com­pany I work for want me to re­lo­cate 200 miles away.

What can I do?

Char­lotte says…

SJ, Bris­tol YOU will prob­a­bly have to ac­cept and go. I’m sure there will be randy nurses there too! EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,MacLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP I’VE been shag­ging my driv­ing in­struc­tor, a sexy brunette lady, for months.

I’m an 18-year-old lad still at col­lege and she is 35 and mar­ried.

She started flirt­ing with me on my first les­son and af­ter the sec­ond she gave me a nosh on the back seat, parked up in a quiet coun­try lane.

I couldn’t be­lieve my luck when she sucked me off for five min­utes and then wrapped her 32D tits around my cock be­fore I ex­ploded all over her.

Af­ter my next les­son I licked her out and she begged me to ram her from be­hind.

We have had sex in her car and at her house, be­cause ev­ery other week her hus­band is on nights.

The prob­lem is that I’ve de­lib­er­ately failed my test twice now – so I can keep see­ing her. But the lessons are cost­ing me a for­tune. What should I do?

Char­lotte says…

TD, Leeds

PASS your test and she may give you MORE sex! MY amaz­ing boyfriend likes to watch me hav­ing sex with other men – usu­ally his fit mates from the foot­ball team. I’m 21 and he’s 27. I don’t mind be­cause I have a re­ally high sex drive.

But re­cently I’ve been shag­ging some of his work col­leagues, too.

They’re usu­ally all older and in their early 40s .

Last week I even went with two fel­las aged 57 and 59!

They were both still in pretty good shape and clearly went to the gym.

And they both had nice, thick cocks – some­thing I al­ways love in­side me.

So first off I gave them both a good long suck­ing – tug­ging one while I slurped on the other, be­fore swap­ping over.

And they both had me, then they watched as my fella f**ked me over the set­tee.

I’ve told him that I think he’s us­ing me to get con­tracts for his firm and he just told me to get on with it or he’ll find some­one else to shack up with.

I re­ally love him – and en­joy some of the new sex part­ners he in­tro­duces me to.

What should I do?

Char­lotte says…

WHAT a charmer! I hon­estly think you should find some­one else be­cause you de­serve bet­ter. You can prob­a­bly get sex any­where and don’t have to rely on a part­ner to “pimp” you out. I RE­CENTLY

joined an on­line and emailed dat­ing ar­range a woman I liked site

a date. the look of to When we met

she was noth­ing pretty blonde like had in her pro­file the

pic. In fact, she lank brown hair I was an­noyed and acne.

but we ended pissed and hav­ing up get­ting dif­fer­ent great sex in

po­si­tions back loads of I fancy her at hers. bugs now me. but her dis­hon­esty

still What should

I do?

Char­lotte says…

LG, Birm­ing­ham

ML, North Yorks TELL her to be

hon­est in fu­ture. out again, bin If you catch

her off. her

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