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AS soon as David Cameron was re-elected, Brus­sels was mak­ing more de­mands be­fore the new MPs had a chance to warm their back­sides on the green leather of the House of Com­mons.

This time it’s an EU Com­mon Asy­lum Pol­icy, whereby Brus­sels will tell us how many refugees we will have to take as a re­sult of the sur­rent cri­sis in the Mediter­ranean.

We al­ready take around 30,000 asy­lum seek­ers a year – but that’s not good enough for Brus­sels, who want us to take 60,000.

I be­lieve we should take in refugees – es­pe­cially from Libya, be­cause we helped cause the prob­lem in the first place. But it should be our choice as to how many we take.

This gets right to the heart of the Eu­ro­pean Union. They think they can push us around and tell us what to do.

The PM must hold out and sim­ply say, ‘No, we can make our own de­ci­sions, thank you very much’.

If he doesn’t, it will prove how fu­tile his claims of EU rene­go­ti­a­tion ac­tu­ally are. SHOCK, hor­ror – the Labour Party ad­mit­ted dur­ing the elec­tion cam­paign that they got some­thing wrong.

Was it the fact that when they were in power they opened up our bor­ders to three mil­lion peo­ple? No.

Was it in­volv­ing us in il­le­gal wars? No.

Could it have been that they over­spent and wrecked the econ­omy? Def­i­nitely not.

No, they’ve ad­mit­ted that the Li­cenc­ing Act of 2003 was a mis­take.

Now, I bet you’re think­ing, “So what?”, but ac­tu­ally I strug­gle to think of an­other piece of leg­is­la­tion which bet­ter summed up how the met­ro­pol­i­tan New Labour politi­cians lost touch with the com­mu­ni­ties they were meant to serve.

The 2003 act – which came into force in 2005 – al­lowed bars and clubs to ex­tend their li­cences so, in some cases, they could serve booze for 24 hours.

Labour politi­cians thought if they ex­tended the hours peo­ple could drink then we would de­velop a “café cul­ture” just as they have in Madrid, Paris and Rome.

I used to live in Barcelona where there def­i­nitely was that cul­ture the Labour luvvies wanted over here.

We used to sit watch­ing the Spaniards – or Cata­lans – sip on a San Miguel or drink a cof­fee sit­ting out­side bars well into the early hours.

It was all rather civilised. Bor­ing – but civilised.

Then you’d chuckle be­cause you’d think about Liver­pool’s Mathew Street or New­cas­tle’s

All this stupid piece of leg­is­la­tion achieved was more work for the po­lice, who have since called 24 hour drink­ing a failed ex­per­i­ment, and an al­co­hol-re­lated crime bill which is now cost­ing the tax­payer a whop­ping £11 bil­lion a year.

There’s more work for hos­pi­tals as the num­ber of peo­ple be­ing ad­mit­ted to A&E as a re­sult of al­co­hol mis­use had tre­bled by 2007, and by 2015 it is now cost­ing the NHS £3 bil­lion a year.

And of course

it quick­ened

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