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A FEW weeks ago I booked a day-trip to France by coach and ferry to stock up on cheap booze and fags.

Just as the coach was about to set off, a gor­geous blonde rushed on and plonked her­self on the seat next to me. I found it very hard to take my eyes off her and we soon started chat­ting.

It turned out that she was a French girl work­ing in Eng­land as an au pair.

She ex­plained that she was just nip­ping across the Chan­nel to stock up on her favourite foods and toi­letries

Slowly she be­gan to wank me off as the bus sped along the M2 to­wards Dover.

I’d al­most reached the point of no re­turn as the bus pulled into the ferry ter­mi­nal, but she pulled her hand away and whis­pered that I would have to wait.

Once we got on the boat we man­aged to find a se­cluded I’M a bloke and I have been a hair­dresser since I left school.

Re­cently, I launched a mo­bile ser­vice and about a month ago I went to a house for an ap­point­ment with a woman who was ab­so­lutely stunning.

As I was cut­ting her hair I accidentally brushed my groin against her and she smiled as she felt the stiffy I was sport­ing.

And she con­tin­ued to smile as she started to rub my hard cock and then slowly un­zipped my trousers.

It was my turn to smile as she took my eight-incher into her mouth and slurped on my man­hood.

Then we moved up­stairs and f**ked each other sense­less for the next three hours.

Now she’s a regular week­end cus­tomer and I’m won­der­ing if I should start charg­ing her for my ex­tra ser­vices.

SL, Hamp­shire

NO. Just ac­cept it as a perk of the job.

ladies’ EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,MacLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP STOP your moan­ing. You got a whole lot more than you bar­gained for!

MAYBE you should dump him too. MY mate and I went to a wed­ding last week. Two nights ear­lier, the two of us had been shag­ging the bride silly.

We met her in a club and she was hav­ing a wild time with a group of girls who were all flash­ing their tits.

We went back to her house and it wasn’t long be­fore the bride-to-be had stripped off and was stroking her nip­ples.

She pulled out my rock-hard cock and be­gan to rub it.

My pal slipped in be­hind her and gave it to her doggy-style while she gave me a fan­tas­tic blowjob.

Then it was my turn to f**k her while she gorged her­self on my mate’s dick.

Talk about here comes the bride! I’ve never seen any­one in such a f**k frenzy.

I hope for his sake that her hubby has got plenty of stamina.

What do you think?

HE’S prob­a­bly a stretcher case by now. I AM a sales­man aged

26 and my boss is blonde of 40 with big a

boobs, trim fig­ure horny-look­ing. and We went on a busi­ness

trip and one night she in­vited me back

to her room. She went to the bath­room

and re­turned wear­ing a black silk

dress­ing gown. Then she took it off to re­veal

black stock­ings and sus­penders – and her

naked 38D tits. Be­fore I could say

any­thing she started kiss­ing me and tak­ing

my shirt off. Then she un­zipped my flies

and started to suck my knob. Af­ter a while we got

on the bed. She then got on top, eased my

tool into her and rode me to a cli­max. The next day she warned

me it was a one-off and if I men­tioned be fired. it at work I would

What should I do?

KEEP your mouth shut.

DM, Wilts

DG, Corn­wall

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