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DON’T rush in to hav­ing chil­dren, folks, be­cause new re­search has shown how be­com­ing a mum can be a ma­jor trig­ger for hav­ing AF­FAIRS.

Bonk boffins have stud­ied data on what causes peo­ple to cheat.

And they’ve found that the most com­mon bench­mark for a cou­ple’s first af­fair co­in­cides with the birth of a first child.

As spokesman for ex­tra­mar­i­tal dat­ing web­site Ash­leyMadi­ – who con­ducted the study – said: “The birth of a child is of­ten a testing time for mar­ried cou­ples, as sex­ual de­sires and at­trac­tive­ness may change dur­ing and af­ter preg­nancy.

“Of­ten, women con­fess that they no longer feel at­trac­tive, or that they’re phys­i­cally im­paired by their preg­nancy. Mean­while, men some­times feel that sex in close prox­im­ity to their child is prob­lem­atic.

“It’s be­cause of this that many hus­bands and wives look for some­one out­side the mar­riage to sat­isfy needs that are of­ten left un­ful- filled at home.” The Ash­ley Madi­son web­site has close to 14,000 mem­bers – with the vast ma­jor­ity be­ing par­ents.

A whop­ping 38 per cent of men and 32 per cent of women ad­mit that their first af­fair oc­curred around the birth of a child.

The spokesman added: “With the birth of a child, mar­riage can be­come a bal­anc­ing act be­tween the needs of the cou­ple and those of the child.

“Time and en­ergy that was once de­voted to the emo­tional and phys­i­cal needs of the cou­ple is sud­denly be­ing di­rected to­wards car­ing off­spring.”

Sexy model Beth Sim­mons, from Portsmouth, reck­ons women shouldn’t re­sort to bonk­ing other men just be­cause they’ve got kids.

She said: “I’ve got a friend with a young boy who’s two years old. While it was tough for her at the start, she’s hav­ing LOADS of sex with her hus­band now.

“You just need a regular babysit­ter and to make the ef­fort to have a weekly ‘date night’.

“Be­sides, get­ting older gives you the per­fect chance to ex­per­i­ment in the bed­room in or­der to keep you sex life nice and spicy!”



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