Older woman is just three­men­dous!

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I’M 22, sin­gle, and while I don’t go short of shags I have al­ways se­cretly wanted to do it with an older woman.

A few weeks ago I bumped into an old pal and he told me he was shaft­ing a 53-year-old when her hus­band, a driver, was away.

His boasts made me green with envy – and I told him so. But he sur­prised me by say­ing that the woman had a fan­tasy about be­ing screwed by two young studs at the same time.

He asked me if I’d be up for it and with­out even think­ing about whether I’d fancy the woman or not, I said yes.

The next time her hubby set off on one of his trips we were round at her house in a flash.

My stom­ach was turn­ing over be­cause I was half ex­pect­ing her to be a right old boiler, but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

As the door opened we were greeted by a gor­geous red­head.

My mate kissed her and then, af­ter a hur­ried con­ver­sa­tion she turned to me and said: “Don’t I get a kiss from you as well?”

She grabbed my head and gave me a pas­sion­ate smacker full on the lips. As she did so she fon­dled my arse and said she liked a neat, tight bum.

Then we all went up­stairs and started to un­dress. She had a sur­pris­ingly fit fig­ure and I soon had a huge hard-on.

My mate quickly mounted her and she told me to kneel on the bed next to her head so that she could suck me off as he banged away at her minge. She gob­bled me al­most to com­ple­tion as my pal thrust into her.

Then we swapped over and she got on all fours for me to give her a good see­ing-to as she noshed my mate.

We had an amaz­ing time as we shagged her in just about ev­ery po­si­tion pos­si­ble. In fact we stayed with her the whole night and she was in­sa­tiable. I would never have be­lieved a woman of 53 could be so sex-mad. She was like a randy teenager!

We have reg­u­lar three­somes and they just get bet­ter. The only prob­lem is that I feel a bit guilty about shag­ging her while her hus­band’s away earn­ing money to pay the bills. Is this jus­ti­fied?

DB, Northants

Kyla says…

OF course it is, but she seems hun­gry enough for it, so why not.

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