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I MET this girl at a posh club the other night and what an up-for-it babe she turned out to be.

She was the best look­ing woman I’d ever been with – she had no bra on and her tits jig­gled all over the place as she moved.

Any­way, back at my place af­ter­wards we were snog­ging and grop­ing when she said how much she loved oral sex.

I of­fered to go down on her right there and then. I mean, what girl doesn’t like to have her fanny licked?

But she said she pre­ferred more to give it than take it so I let her get on with it right away.

I whipped out the old fella and

She went down on me and her hot tongue flicked out over the tip of my throb­bing prick be­fore she opened wide to take my en­gorged bel­lend into her soft wet mouth. I could tell she loved the taste be­cause birds al­ways do, al­though I wouldn’t brag about it. It’s just one of those things.

She sucked and slurped for a while and then slid nearly my full I WAS at a club with a cou­ple of chums re­cently when I no­ticed a girl giv­ing me the eye.

She looked like some­thing out of Shame­less so I quickly looked away, but she kept star­ing at me all night.

Af­ter fail­ing to pull any­one else, I told my friend to ask her if she fan­cied com­ing back to my apart­ment, and she agreed.

Af­ter a chat and a few drinks she stripped off. Her body was sur­pris­ingly good so my mate and I got well stuck in.

She grabbed both our cocks, which were primed for ac­tion, and sucked us both off.

Then, as I tupped her from be­hind, my chum got re­lieved be­tween her breasts, which left her face drip­ping with his juices.

We’ve made an ar­range­ment where one or other of us en­ter­tains her sex­u­ally once a week. But she wants to come out to res­tau­rants and such with us, which is a bit of a no-no, frankly, be­cause of she’s quite a bit be­neath both of us, class-wise. Do help.

Nickie says…

EK, Kent I HOPE she meets a nice bloke who kicks your ar­ses, you stuck-up prick. EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,Ma­cLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP I’VE got a fetish for big penises, huge thick ones with plenty of rigid length.

They have to be a least eight inches long oth­er­wise they do ab­so­lutely noth­ing for me. I get turned-on at the sight of them and can’t wait to get out of my knick­ers.

I love to get both hands round them and pump them while see­ing if I can get my mouth round the end be­fore be­ing filled by them.

But it means I have to go through an aw­ful lot of men. I’ve suf­fered some tid­dlers in my quest but I can say that, for me, big is best.

If any of your read­ers want to fill my slot can you for­ward their con­tact de­tails, please?

Nickie says…

NOT if I get to them first! I WENT with a pal a to a fancy dress evening

Caribbean theme at with just come a pub near me which

un­der new man­age­ment. had Even though it was in sexy a bit chilly we both

and skimpy beach went It was a gear.

lot of fun and the cheap flowed. I think I must rum punch too soon have had a bit too

as I was first up much com­pe­ti­tion for the limbo

when it was danc­ing The whole an­nounced.

event was be­ing run was a mem­ber of by a hunk

the steel band. who a char­ac­ter and af­ter He was quite un­der goes he had to help

the limbo pole a few me might have times. I thought

a chance with him. I Later, I bumped into we got him in the cor­ri­dor

chat­ting, lead­ing to and re­quest from the in­evitable

him for a bit of a cud­dle. We kissed and I made more than it clear I was up for

just that, so he led at the back of me into

the pub, a room bot­tom tugged down

and tongued my bikini magic me to ec­stasy. He

with his mouth and was round his I clamped my

head as I came. thighs I was happy to re­turn his whop­ping the favour, pulling

mem­ber and out com­ple­tion. suck­ing him to

I want to seem him could again but he left be­fore get his num­ber. What I

do you sug­gest?

Nickie says…

THINK of it as a hol­i­day


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