Rock band pal took my girl for gig ride

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EMAIL: agony@sun­ OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,MacLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP but at one show he told me he’d just boned a groupie BE­FORE the gig be­cause he liked her stripy tights.

He then de­scribed in de­tail how it hap­pened – and it was quite a story.

Ap­par­ently, she cor­nered him in the gents, led him into a cu­bi­cle, sat him on the loo and sucked his knob un­til his balls ached. be­hind as she was bent over the toi­let sink.

Ev­ery­one in the band was laugh­ing about it – and I have to say, the way he told us how he’d been point­ing in the mir­ror at him­self while she was bent over the sink had me in stitches.

Well, it did un­til I saw my girl­friend walk back­stage – wear­ing black and white stripy tights!

She got a great big cheer from the rest of the band and now I’m a laugh­ing stock.

I love the girl, but I don’t know if I can ever trust her again. Should I for­give her?

PM, Lancs

Mor­gan says…

NO, I don’t think you can trust her. She’s done it once and she’ll do it again. EVER since I can re­mem­ber, the thought of rubber against my skin has me tin­gling in the nether re­gions.

It be­gan when I was a kid, when I found a swim­ming cap.

I loved the feel of it, and now I have a big col­lec­tion of them and I rub my­self off on them all the time.

But now my ob­ses­sion with rubber has landed me in trou­ble.

I told a girl­friend, who freaked out and whipped me in the face with a flo­ral num­ber I was try­ing to get her to wear when I shagged her.

Now I’m all con­fused Am I a twisted per­vert or what?

Mor­gan says…

NO, but try a fetish web­site for friends. I LOVE hav­ing

things shoved up but re­cently my my arse, bound­aries wife’s been push­ing

fur­ther than the We have usual.

an ac­tive sex life taboo, but her and noth­ing

idea of fun is tad painful. is some­times a

Take the other night. for a good There I was, ready

rim­ming, when to the freezer. she sud­denly ran

I must ad­mit I was ready in­trigued, but I

for what hap­pened wasn’t She re­turned next. rammed with a frozen ba­nana

it right up my and Well, ring-piece.

I nearly screamed – not be­cause the house down

she had shoved my ricker, but some­thing

be­cause the up to my ten­der thing had stuck

re­gions burns. and I was get­ting

ice Do you have any bum? ad­vice for sooth­ing

my TG, North Yorks

Mor­gan says…

DF, Hum­ber­side YOU need to be care­ful

us­ing stuff like ice be­cause it can tear

the skin. I rec­om­mend a proper lu­bri­cant

for your bum. try­ing

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