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I’M a 50-year-old di­vorcee – my ex-wife dumped me two years ago to live with her toy­boy lover and I’ve not had sex since.

A few weeks ago I went to see my son at his place but his girl­friend said he was out. We made small talk for a while but I felt un­com­fort­able be­ing alone with her – she’s a gor­geous, busty red­head and I’ve al­ways wanted to bone her. Af­ter a brew and a brief catch-up, I got up to leave but she in­sisted I stay for lunch.

Re­luc­tantly I agreed and af­ter watch­ing TV for a while came back in the lounge in a see-through blouse and a tiny mini-skirt.

I tried to look away but she plonked her­self next to me on the sofa and be­gan rub­bing her leg se­duc­tively against mine.

Within sec­onds I de­vel­oped a hard-on and when she saw it she gave my cock a gen­tle MY wife and I both work full time and took on a nanny to help at home a few months ago.

She’s a busty Aus­tralian and it wasn’t long be­fore we started shag­ging.

I was off work one day and saw her stood in her room stark­ers. She beck­oned me in and we were im­me­di­ately kiss­ing and grop­ing each other, as she ripped my clothes off.

I lay her on the bed and licked her pussy then she got down on her knees and sucked me off.

We had the most amaz­ing sex and have been do­ing so for a few weeks.

My wife doesn’t sus­pect a thing but the hired help keeps play­ing foot­sie with me un­der the ta­ble at shared meal times.

I’m in­fat­u­ated with her and I’ve been tak­ing a lot of time off work – just to bonk her.

I’ve also been hav­ing sex with my wife in be­tween, to keep her happy, but it’s ex­haust­ing.

I’m wor­ried I’ll lose them both – and my job – as I keep doz­ing at my desk.

What should I do?

Nickie says…

HM, Cheshire EM­PLOY a nanny who looks more like Mary Pop­pins, then you won’t be tempted to shag her. EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,MacLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP THE only girls I can at­tract are re­ally fat lasses – and I’ve shagged loads of them, even though it’s hard get­ting my mod­est five-inch dick into all those lay­ers of fat.

I have just come out of my ap­pren­tice­ship as a pipe-fit­ter and have been given a much-needed pay rise.

Even with cash in my pocket I can’t seem to pull girls with crack­ing fig­ures.

But at least I find the fat girls will do al­most any­thing for a shag.

As a re­sult I have had more oral sex than a fella could wish for.

And anal is of­ten on the cards with the larger girls, too.

In fact, I had one re­cently who would not have sex in any other po­si­tion!

I lubed her up nicely and plunged my tool up her gap­ing back pas­sage un­til she screamed the house down.

But I still yearn for a slim, shapely looker with sim­i­lar sex­ual tastes as the tub­sters.

How do I find one?

Nickie says…

I’D just take things as they come and think your­self lucky you’re get­ting oral and anal vir­tu­ally on de­mand. I’VE been dat­ing months my girl­friend

but I fancy her for a few and it’s driv­ing best mate like I me nuts. mad

think she feels be­cause the same way

when my girl­friend’s as me she flashes her not look­ing She’s boobs and winks

even been known at me. sly stroke through to give my a mas­sive my trousers, dick a

and giv­ing me The other day em­bar­rassin

g boner. when she went even

she came round fur­ther the gar­den. for a few drinks She in

de­lib­er­ately flashed parted her thighs

me her bare, But shaved and

I’m too scared minge. it at the mo­ment, to do any­thing shag even though about

her brains out. I’d love to Should I give her one?

JH, West Mid­lands

Nickie says…

TC, Mersey­side IF you don’t go

for it you’ll never a quick one, and know. Give get it out of your her


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