SEX FO­RUM Why sex with your ex is sim­ply the best

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ONE in six peo­ple have slept with their ex thanks to so­cial me­dia, a study found.

If your mis­sus is friends with a former flame on Face­book then be­ware, be­cause 15 per cent of us have done the dirty af­ter re­con­nect­ing with them on­line.

And a fur­ther 21% have thought about it.

But de­spite 64% of peo­ple ad­mit­ting to us­ing the internet to search for pic­tures of their “first love”, only a quar­ter ac­tu­ally get back in touch.

The sur­vey was car­ried out by on­line af­fair web­site Il­lic­itEn­coun­, which quizzed 1,000 adults on their cheat­ing habits.

Web­site spokesman Chris­tian Grant said: “Any­one’s first love will have a pro­found ef­fect on their lives.

“With so many of us on so­cial me­dia, it is far eas­ier to se­cretly track how they are get­ting on and it is not sur­pris­ing that most peo­ple have done this.

“This sur­vey shows clearly that women are far keener than men to talk about their ex­pe­ri­ences with pre­vi­ous lovers.

“I think this is be­cause they want to make sure they don’t re­peat pre­vi­ous mis­takes and are gen­er­ally hap­pier talk­ing about their feel­ings.

“Men are much more likely to con­tact a former lover di­rectly. They also rem­i­nisce more fondly about their ex-lovers than women.

“I think we can safely say that these two find­ings are con­nected – men are much keener on hav­ing sex again with their first love than women, who are more pre­pared to move on with their lives.”

The sur­vey also found that less than half of peo­ple (41%) said they en­joyed the best sex of their lives with their first love.

Mid­week Sport model Laura Cooke, 22, from Bar­row-in-Fur­ness, Cum­bria, said: “I’ve never cheated on any­one with an ex, but they are def­i­nitely an easy shag when I’m sin­gle.

“I al­ways end up hav­ing sex with the exes I con­tact on­line – it must be be­cause of my high sex drive when I’m sin­gle.”

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