My prize was a tit w**k

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MY ideal type of man is in his mid-40s with neat dark hair, a kind face, is charm­ing and witty and, most im­por­tant of all, has bar­rel­loads of money.

The trou­ble is, I can’t seem to find a bloke like that, no mat­ter how hard I try.

All I seem to end up with are blokes who want to get my knick­ers down and give me a quick one in the back of a car, or else in the door­way of the block of flats where I live.

Have you any ideas where I could meet the ideal man – a man with a good, thick prick who can last and last for hours on end, a man who when he cums shoots out for ever and ever, a man who knows how to re­ally lick pussy un­til I am sob­bing and cry­ing with the pas­sion and hav­ing the best or­gasms of my life?

Please, do you know where I can find a man like that? JG, North Lon­don YOU must be jok­ing. And even if I did, I’d keep him to my­self! I WENT to a quiz night re­cently with my mates at a pub new to us.

We were sur­prised to find that the quiz­mas­ter was, in fact, a quizmistress with short blonde hair and glasses, which gave her a strangely sexy in­tel­lec­tual ap­pear­ance.

We would have won but for a dis­pute over one an­swer. I tack­led her and she threat­ened to bar me.

But she said it with a twin­kle in her eye and I told my mates to go with­out me as I’d pulled.

I was dead right as this brain­box took me home, where I asked her for a blowjob.

But be­fore she would suck me off, I had to an­swer a pretty stiff ques­tion.

Then she took her blouse and bra off, re­veal­ing her firm breasts which she ap­plied to my knob, giv­ing me a fab tit wank.

I want to hit the jack­pot with her and she’s given me a list of ques­tions to com­plete. But they’re very hard. What can I do?

KC Glas­gow

Mor­gan says…

CHEAT! Use the internet.

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