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I WAS on a plane com­ing home from a trip to Las Ve­gas with the lads last month, when a gor­geous blonde was given the seat next to me.

She was about 30 with a lovely body – and she was a very ner­vous flyer.

Dur­ing the flight she kept grab­bing my hand and I tried to re­as­sure her.

As the flight went on how­ever, she started putting her hand on my lap when we hit a bit of tur­bu­lence.

When she said she was feel­ing re­ally scared, I put my arm around her. She then started to rub my pack­age.

I was soon ready for take-off and told her that I would have to go the toi­let.

She said she would like to come and join me to take her mind off

She told me that she is mar­ried to a wealthy busi­ness­man and trav­els the world to stay at her var­i­ous houses.

She also told me that she likes to shag on planes!

She con­fessed that the fear of fly­ing thing was just her lit­tle trick to get close to men.

I felt a bit of a mug, but soon for­got about that as she mas­saged my knob un­til it was rock-hard again.

She then started giv­ing me a I AM hav­ing reg­u­lar three­somes with my wife and her best pal. They’re both fit birds in their late 30s, I’m 42.

It started when the mis­sus and her mate had been on a girls’ night out. When they got back to our house for a night­cap, I could tell they were both more than a bit tipsy.

They were ob­vi­ously feel­ing very horny too and it wasn’t long be­fore they sug­gested I see to their needs. Nat­u­rally, I was well up for it.

Now it’s be­come a reg­u­lar thing. I love it when they both suck me off and then get in the “69” po­si­tion as I have a wank.

The prob­lem is that her mate and I have now fallen for each other and are plan­ning to leave our part­ners and get a place.

Do you think we should?

Char­lotte says…

SP, Birm­ing­ham IF you think you have a fu­ture to­gether, then why not. But if it is just lust, then think twice. EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,MacLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP LOOKS like you’rer all go­ing to have plenty of fun Down Un­der I’VE been off work with what the doc seemed to think was swine flu. I took to my bed and as the wife was suf­fer­ing too, she joined me.

We didn’t waste our time. We both had rag­ing sore throats and headaches but I man­aged to per­suade the mis­sus to suck my knob and she said she felt much bet­ter.

Even though I felt right dodgy I went down on her and licked, sucked and fin­gered her to sex­ual heaven.

Af­ter the af­ter­noon spent shaft­ing her I felt trans­formed and went to the pub for a jar.

As I’m signed off for a week, I in­tend to make the most of it.

Char­lotte says…

MT, via e-mail I’M not sure sex is a recog­nised swine flu cure, but it’s worth a try! I HAVE got my­self into a right mess af­ter mak­ing my bird’s mum preg­nant.

I knobbed her a cou­ple of times af­ter pulling her in the pub. She’s a tasty blonde, who is 20 years older then me – I’m only 17.

She told me that she likes younger fel­las and we went back to my house.

My par­ents were on hol­i­day and I wasted lit­tle time in get­ting her mas­sive tits out.

We did it all night and a cou­ple of days later I f**ked her five times.

She’s told me that she wants to keep the baby and be a fam­ily with me!

Her hus­band will kill me, and then my mum and dad will kill me again! And I re­ally love my girl­friend. What should I do, I’m fran­tic with worry?

LG, Es­sex

Char­lotte says…

YOU are in a mess. Tell this woman that you have no fu­ture, hope­fully she will then find a so­lu­tion to the prob­lem. ME and the mis­sus our lo­cal went for a late walk park the other night in shag­ging in the and lake. ended up We’d both had a to go bit to drink and skinny-dip­ping de­cided even­ing. as it was a warm As soon as we got grabbed into the wa­ter the hold of my cock wife pump­ing and started it. I was soon rock- lit­tle hard and she let squeal as I en­tered out a She had her shaven her legs wrapped pussy. and was rub­bing round my waist my her clit as I slipped fin­gers up her bum. one of It only took her noisy a few min­utes to cli­max and it was reach a a swan at­tacked at this point us. that It pecked me on need­ing the head, leav­ing four stitches. me Should I try to get com­pen­sa­tion? DC, north Lon­don

Char­lotte says…

YOU can only try.

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