Are YOU liv­ing next door… TO A NAZI?

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EX­PERTS have re­vealed that there are at least 25 mem­bers of Hitler’s evil SS di­vi­sions LIV­ING in the UK.

Although they will all be in at least their 90s by now, the for­mer elite Nazis could have been part of some of the most hor­rific war crimes ever seen in the his­tory of mankind.

The di­vi­sions were the most evil of all the evil Nazis.

So how do you know if YOU are liv­ing next door to one?

Take our sim­ple quiz to find out… a) He raises his arm sharply but his hand stays at 45 de­grees and he never ac­tu­ally makes con­tact b) Tells you ‘I too agree with the Great Leader’s Five Year Plan’ c) Says: “Ah dies ist ein High Five” d) High fives back and shouts ‘We’re get­ting out’! a) ve have vays of mak­ing you tock! b) Share with us the means of pro­duc­tion for mak­ing time c) I’ll have to send you back to Switzer­land when we leave the EU d) You’ll never need wind­ing up again when we leave the EU a) Cheer at the very be­gin­ning when the Swastikas kick the Union Jack out of France b) Ex­plain in great and bor­ing de­tail how war is a cap­i­tal­ist con­struct and the pro­le­tariat of the world should rise up against their cap­i­tal­ist masters c) Sigh and start cry­ing. Then start scream­ing, ‘What have they done? It’s go­ing to hap­pen again. The fools!’ d) Tells you how ‘His­tory al­ways re­peats it­self. We’re best off out of it’ a) In­vades your back gar­den with a Panzer tank and declares it his ter­ri­tory b) Tell you how all prop­erty is theft any­way so you can keep the land c) Threat­ens to take you to the Euro­pean Court for breach­ing his hu­man rights d) De­mand a ref­er­en­dum You go for a round of golf to­gether and his ball gets trapped in a bunker. What does he do? a) Shoot him­self in the head b) Walk off in a huff bang­ing on about how golf is a tool of the elite any­way c) De­mand a re­count of the amount of shots he’s taken d) Start quot­ing Churchill’s them on the beaches’ speech. ‘Fight

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