SEX FO­RUM ‘Net­flix and chill’ can cock up your sex life

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IF date nights with your mis­sus re­volve around Net­flix and chill, we’ve got bad news – it could be ru­in­ing your SEX LIFE.

Pro­fes­sor David Spiegel­hal­ter reck­ons the modern culture of 24/7 news, stream­ing TV shows, check­ing emails, or scrolling through so­cial me­dia sites is dam­ag­ing our sex lives.

More than 51mil­lion peo­ple are signed up to the stream­ing site, watch­ing a to­tal of 100m hours of TV and movies per day.

And with 70 per cent of Net­flix mem­bers ad­mit­ting that they don’t sit down to watch one episode of their favourite, but binge watch for hours on end, it ap­pears peo­ple aren’t mak­ing time to shag their other half.

The Cam­bridge pro­fes­sor said: “The point is that this mas­sive con­nec­tiv­ity, the con­stant check­ing of our phones com­pared to just a few years ago when TV closed down at 10.30pm or what­ever and there was noth­ing else to do. “Now peo­ple are hav­ing less sex. I think it’s the boxset, Net­flix. Oh my god, I’ve got to watch the en­tire sec­ond se­ries of Game of Thrones.”

But don’t panic just yet, as other re­la­tion­ship ex­perts dis­agree and think that spend­ing qual­ity time with your lover to catch up on a show can be a good thing.

Sex ther­a­pist Peter Sadding­ton said: “We all lead busy lives, so hav­ing some time when you both sit down to watch the same thing can be pos­i­tive.

“Where it be­comes neg­a­tive is when peo­ple get pre­oc­cu­pied. ‘I’ve re­ally got to see this’, ‘I don’t want to go out’, you can be­come over-in­volved in a programme.

“Like­wise, it can turn into a sit­u­a­tion where one per­son doesn’t want to go out or call over to see fam­ily be­cause they want to de­vote the whole week­end to watch­ing their favourite show.”

We asked Sport stunna Cait­lyn Klass, 24, if she in­dulges in ‘Net­flix and chill’ with her boyfriend and whether it has af­fected her bed­room habits.

The 34C model, from St He­lens, said: “Oh my god, my boyfriend and I are to­tally guilty of spend­ing too much time on the sofa watch­ing Net­flix.

“We don’t get to see each other much in the week, so when the week­end comes around we are both dy­ing to catch up on our favourite box sets.

“It def­i­nitely doesn’t get in the way of sex though – when we are ly­ing in the dark or in bed it’s easy to let your hands wan­der and get each other in the mood for the main event.”

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