Pal’s wife had all of us to ful­fil gang-bang fan­tasy

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suck­ing vig­or­ously as her hubby and the other lads cheered.

Soon there were hands all over her, grop­ing her mas­sive tits and fin­ger­ing her drip­ping pussy.

Then her hubby got be­hind her and gave her a pork­ing for real as her mouth worked my cock to the brink of or­gasm.

We fin­ished up with each of the lads tak­ing turns to screw her as her hubby looked on.

When we’d all fin­ished, she said it had been a fan­tasy to take part in a gang-bang.

The trou­ble is, when we’d all sobered up, we all felt a bit ashamed and no one has men­tioned it since.

Do you think I should say any­thing to my pal, as he’s been a bit quiet about it too?

BK, South Yorks

Kelly says…

NO, you were all drunk and it’s not sur­pris­ing if your pals feels a bit em­bar­rassed. Say noth­ing un­less he men­tions it.

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