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Midweek Sport - - THE WORLD FAMOUS AGONY -

I’M due to go back to univer­sity next month but I fear I’ll carry on fail­ing my grades thanks to my high sex drive. I started my course in Septem­ber last year and the end­less amounts of cheap booze and fit boys meant I missed most of my lec­tures be­cause I was ei­ther hun­gover or had a fella still ly­ing in my bed. I was late for the first three weeks of classes and didn’t turn up for the one af­ter, so my lec­turer rang me to check I was still in­ter­ested in do­ing the course. As soon as I an­swered the phone, I knew I was in trou­ble in the best kind of way – his smooth voice alone had my clit trem­bling as he asked where I’d been and is­sued me with a warn­ing. I knew then that I had to start go­ing to lec­tures just to see this man. The next day I went to the lec­ture and was met with the hottest man I’d ever seen. As soon as I lay eyes on him I knew I had to have him. Through­out the lec­ture he kept look­ing at me­with a know­ing smile. I came to see him as well as im­prove my grades but how could I con­cen­trate on any­thing other than this guy’s cock! At the end of the lec­ture he called my name and asked me to stay be­hind. He droned on and on about how I was fail­ing but I was just un­dress­ing him with my eyes. I asked him what I could do to start get­ting good grades and that’s where things got in­ter­est­ing. All he said was “let me show you”. I let him lift up my top, reach round and undo my bra and cup my boobs as they bounced out. The next minute, his cock was out and he

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