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Dear Sam,

MY FELLA was away in France on busi­ness for three weeks so we had a bit of phone sex.

Now he’s back I want to carry on be­cause it made me horny.

But my bloke says we don’t need phone sex if we’re hav­ing REAL sex.

KL, Bath

Sam says…

WHY not en­joy both?!

Dear Sam,

MY best mate is not a great looker and has no luck with women.

I’m pretty con­fi­dent and al­ways man­age to at­tract ladies when we go out for a drink.

But I’m sure all that would change if they knew he had a 10-incher!

I’ve never seen any­thing like it and he has to hold it with both hands when he goes for a piss in the bogs.

How can I get him to come out of his shell, and share that huge John­son around? MC, Corn­wall

Sam says…

SEND me his num­ber!

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